20 Oct 2019

How To Activate 9mobile 1GB + 3 Hours Streaming For Just N200

9Mobile is offering everyone with a reward 3 hours bonus + 1GB data.
This is a new offer from 9mobile, which has been designed for YouTube streaming, so for those who love streaming videos on YouTube this your time to enjoy this offer.
This  another wonderful offer 9mobile has put out this year, with this offer you can do what you like with the bonus given to you, and this offer is available only to All 9mobile users both Prepaid and Postpaid customes.

Formal (Etisalat) now know as 9mobile is also not left out when it comes to cheap data plan, as they have just introduced a new data plan offer which gives users 1GB of data and 3 hours of streaming all for just N200.

This is really a great deal especially if you happen to stream a lot. You can imagine how much data you will normally have to spend for 3 hours of YouTube streaming. You know that's a kind lot pf money or data to be precisely.

How To Activate 9Mobile 1GB + 3Hours Streaming Bonus for N200

  1. Get a new 9mobile SIM or an old SIM (preferably less than 3 months old).
  2. Make sure you have at least N200 airtime and dial *253*20#.
  3. You will receive 1GB data + 3 Hours of free streaming.

How to check your data balance
To check your data balance

=> Dial *228#

Validity period

The data is valid for 2 days.

If you are using a new 9mobile SIM card, aside the cheaper data, you will also get 900% bonus offer on recharges you make for the next 90 days.
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19 Oct 2019

How To Activate MTN 300% Bonus + 150MB On All Recharges

MTN is offering everyone with a reward 300% airtime bonus + 150MB on Every recharge.
This is a new offer from MTN, which has been designed for weekends, so for those who love make more calls during the weekend this your time to enjoy this offer for the next three months.

As soon as you opt-in for this offer and recharge you get the full face value of the recharge plus the airtime bonus will be credited in your MTN account.
This  another wonderful offer mtn has put out this year, with this offer you can do what you like with the bonus given to you, and this offer is available only to All MTN users both Prepaid and Postpaid customes.

However, when you recharge your MTN line, you'll get 300% bonus for calls to all networks and TGIF 150MB data bonus to browse the internet.

How To Activate MTN 300% Bonus + 150MB On All Recharges 

To activate, kindly dial *131*66# and select 1 to opt in.

This offer is basically for everyone. That's to say everyone is eligible for the offer and it last for 3months if you opt-in.

You can opt in for this offer by dialing the above USSD code. 
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17 Oct 2019

How To Get MTN Free 2GB and 200MB Via MyMTN App

MTN is currently dishing out free 200MB to their subscribers who invite one user to download and use the app. and if you are an MTN customer, you too can equally get this MTN free data offer.
If you are using the MyMTN app for the very first time you will get 500MB, first it was free 100mb data then again 1GB free data was giving out to some mtn subscribers.

Don't forget some time ago this free 100mb was cracked which users also got lots of airtime by just sending Myapp to 131, on the MTN network most people where able to accumulate up to 1.5Gb before it was blocked or should we rather say closed.

All the same let get back to today's topic there is a little twist to the offer in the sense that you might not get your free 200MB data if you have registered the number before on myMTN app invite people to download and use the mymtn app, invite 10people and get free 2GB data.

The good news is, all first-time downloaders of MyMTN app will get rewarded with 500MB free data to browse and surf the internet. It is just 15MB in size, so, there is no harm in wasting that data and getting 500MB data for free.

Some features of MyMTN app

=>> Activation of data plans.
=>> Check voice and data balance.
=>> View call history. e.t.c.
=>> It gives you access to key security codes like PUK number to unlock SIM card.
=>> Enables you to load airtime for a loved one remotely.
=>>It is easy to use.

Performing this task is very simple and easy so you get nothing to worry of it a bit easy all you need to do is scroll down to get the full details.

How to get your MTN free 200MB Old Users Of MyMTN App

  1. Firstly, log-in to MYMTN APP.
  2. Next click on Invite & get 2GB instantly.
  3. Now choose MTN number from your contacts and click the invite to send.

How to get your MTN free 500MB New Users Of MyMtn App

Note that you can only use an MTN sim that you haven't used on MyMTN App before.
  1. Firstly, send MYMTN APP to 5018 download MyMTN app to your phone.
  2. Next install it with your current MTN number.
  3. Login to MyMTN App with that new MTN number. An OTP will be sent to the number, kindly input the code and tap on Verify.
=> To check data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

=> To check your bonus data at any time, simply dial *559*4#.

=> Accumulated Data is valid for just 24 Hours.

Also have it in mind that with the MyMTN app, you can easily carry out other self service activities like using it to check your MTN airtime and data balance, recharging airtime and buying of data etc.

MyMTN is the smartest way to have access to your MTN account as you also get rewarded with 500MB data.

With MyMTN App, Everything is now a touch away. Download now and take charge of your account management .
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MTN YouTube N200 for 2GB Data Plan, Subscription Codes And Prices 2019

Hello guys! It another amazing offer coming right from one of our best network "MTN" and this offer stands to be YouTube data plan it has been on existence since 2018 and we are bringing it up again this 2019.
Don't forget that we also has same thing from 9mobile years ago we are talking about the 9mobile YouTube hourly plan, MTN NG has secretly launched theirs in two different plans unlike 9mobile that got just one plan.
Although that of mtn is capped at certain data sizes while that of 9mobile is unlimited for 2hours.

MTN YouTube hourly plan allows you stream only YouTube videos, or even live stream shows directly on YouTube only.

Same thing goes to that of 9mobile but the help of one of our popular tunnelling vpn called "AnonyTun VPN" you can extend the 9mobile YouTube plan to power all app.

Still on still the mtn YouTube hourly data plan is in two different ways but never to worry they are quite affordable. With just N150 naira, you can stream YouTube videos for 1hour, while with just N400, you can stream YouTube videos for 3hours  And with 200naira you can get 2GB for 1week quite interesting right? Yea!

Without wasting much of your time let quickly see the price and activation codes, so kindly follow us along.

MTN YouTube Prices

» N150 will give you 1hour of YouTube streaming
» N400 will give you 3hours of YouTube streaming.
» N50 will give you 5hours of YouTube streaming.
» N200 will give you 1week of 2GB Youtube streaming

MTN YouTube Subscription Codes

To subscribe, kindly dial *131*8*1# and reply with 1, 2, 3 or 4 for either the 1hour, 3hours 5hours or 1week plan.

» Or by dialing the direct USSD codes.

» For 1Hour - N150, dial *131*8*1# or text, VP1 to 131.

» For 3Hours - N400, dial *131*8*2#or text, VP3 to 131.

» For 5Hours - N50, text, VP5 to 131.

» For 1Week - N200, text, VP7 to 131.

And to check your Youtube hourly bundle balance, dial *559*18#.
You should have it in mind that these plans are not unlimited. They are capped.

As tweeted at MTN180 page;

"Y'ello Rex Jacob, the 1 hour plan is capped 750MB while the 3 hours plan is capped 2.25GB. Thank you." JO.

This info is from MTN180 Via MTN180 Tweeter Page ,like we said the data plans are capped at certain data size and also note it's not in any way cheat it's official from mtn.
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16 Oct 2019

Kuda Bank App Earn N200 Money, Airtime And Data For Free Referral Program

Whave seen different type of apps that gives free money airtime and data pass years such as GoNoneyJumia One App, CashkachingOpera NewsZotoGeoPollTopUp Africa and Mcent Browser that gives you free airtime credit without any stress and now another amazing app has finally joined the line, and it called "Kuda Bank App".
Kuda Bank App is the latest free cash earning App in Nigeria that reward you with Naira which you can transfer to your bank account or use for free airtime, real money and funds when you install the app, open it daily and refers friends and family.

With Kuda you can easily make extra money for yourself. All you need is to download Kuda App.

Open the App daily to Earn Free cash, Refer your friends to the App to Earn More.

Kuda Bank is quite similar Chipper Cash App in terms of their referral program. Just that the amount is quite different.


Kuda bank is a free mobile-only  bank licensed by the central  bank of Nigeria.  You can send money through this Kuda bank.

No card or account maintenance fees and they only charge #10 for transfers to any bank(they give two free transfer every month). We're sure you will like Kuda bank mobile app.

Kuda gives you a spending account, a debit card accepted worldwide and the option of saving every time you spend. You will be given ATM card to withdraw at any ATM machine.


Their referral system is awesome. For every person you refer to Chipper Cash mobile app you N200 to the app,

Now how to earn on this Kuda bank, you must partner with them by just sending your details to them.

They give #200 per referral (any member that sign up through your link is your referral), if  5 people sign up through your link given to you by Kuda bank, you will be given #200 on each of them and your referrals will also be given 10 free transfers to any bank, that means they will give you #5000 at the end of the week(their is no minimum of amount you are to refer, refer as much as you can) . Your referral link will be given to you after you have registered.

If you refer 20 more people to the app, you will get a whopping N4,000.

Additionally, you can buy airtime for yourself from the app. It’s instantaneous and handy.

Now what are you waiting for? let's get down to business.


=> First, Install Kuda Bank Mobile App From Here and launch the app.
Next, enter your mobile number or email for registration and a code will be sent to you, verify the OTP code.

=> Skip the BVN option

 => Then verify your account.

 => Choose your country.

=> If the app is not responding to network kindly connect your vpn such as SkyVpn or StarkVpn and it will respond.

=> Once done, input your email address or phone number and accept all terms and conditions.

=> Once done, create a 6-digit unique code that will help you in every of your activities on the app, especially transactions.

=> After you have successfully signed up, your Chipper Cash account will be credited with 10 Naira, which you can withdraw instantly straight to your bank account.
According to the mail we got from Kuda team! We’ll pay you 200 naira for every single person who opens a Kuda account through your referral link. Your Kuda account will be credited every Monday.

How To Get Free N200 On Kuda Bank App

» Go to Kuda Partner Program.

» Next input your kuda Account number, sent to your email after successfully signed up.

» Select your State and Target Area / LGA.

» Next click Get Started.
We'll pay you up to 200 naira for each person who signs up on Kuda through your referral link.


=> Yes, you can withdraw the money to your bank account or by data or airtime.

=> Launch the Kuda app

=> At the bottom of the app, tap on payments.

=> Then tap on Send Money => Add Amount => Choose your bank and proceed to cash out.

=> You also top up airtime our data with your balance on the kuda bank app just click on Buy Airtime and then select your option and phone number.

=> Tap on "Buy Airtime" and put your phone number then choose your network and amount. 


To deposit money, simply tap on “Add Money” button at the top right corner of the app. You can then choose to fund your Kuda account from your bank or by using ATM card method.


=> At the bottom of the app.

Tap on the More option located at the bottom

=> Then tap on Refer & Earn. From there copy the referrals link to clipboard and share with your friends.

How To Verify Your Kuda Bank Account

=> When sign-in up the app ask you to take a selfie.

=> At the home page of the app, tap on Ugrade Account.

=> Now take a snapshot of your government issued ID card (National ID, Voters Card or Drivers licence) front. You'll also be asked to take a selfie while holding the ID card + BVN.

=> After that, Submit and wait for at least 2 to 5 business days for verification to be successful.

What are you waiting for you can start referring and earning as well.
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How To Make €11 To €100 In Your PayPal And Payoneer Account

Hello guys, getting a good job is bit difficult, as more and more graduates are increasing yearly.
So few day ago we got a message from Linkvertise saying they got to know www.extremecodez.com from one of our youtubeyoutube video.

Below is what the message reads;

Hi ReKs Rex Jacob,
we'd like to get back to you after a long time and ask if you've registered with Linkvertise.net to earn money with your YouTube videos.

I can imagine that you do not know what Linkvertise is, so here's a short explanation.

We wrote to you back then because we were aware of your YouTube channel through this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKgX5_gtxB4). Since you have links to websites and downloads in your video description, we'd like to suggest that you monetize these links.

=> Sign Up To Linkvertise By - [Clicking Here]

This works via our link Shortener:

The principle is very simple. For example: You shorten a download link and put it into your video description. If a user clicks on this link, he first navigate to subpage with ads until he is redirected to the target URL.
For more information watch our YouTube Tutorial.

And the best is: You get money each time a user clicks on your link. Cool right?

Furthermore, we offer you many advantages such as:

Up to 65€ per 1000 Clicks

Daily payouts

Unique support for our users
You can test our link shortener service, it's free.
We are sure that it will be very worthwhile for you.
This a service that offers link shortener that pays about 11 euro per 1000 clicks.

=> Sign Up To Linkvertise By - [Clicking Here]

Of course it is far from ideal, as you need to complete 3 small "tasks" to actually get to the link, but it actually works, and to me it looks a legit way to earn some extra bucks.

Here is an example how it looks and how it works: https://direct-link.net/42936/Artel46GBDataFree

This will get you to my blog/site address. Of course there are some rules on what you can actually post and what you cannot, but it is relatively simple:

Pay in euro currency
-Payout rate depend on country ( 4-6€ ) my average
- if u get verified your account your visitor will not require to captcha. Make around 20$ will get trusted user.
Payout methods

-Paysafe card
-Amazon Gift card

Minimum : 10€
Pay within 24h-48h
Linkvertise is a newly launched good url shortener site with decent cpm rates. If you want to make money with Linkvertise.net then you must short any long url link using their tools and share it with your site or youtube channel or any social media sites.

Linkvertise.net also offers some good features to all its users like quick payment, decent cpm rates, payment in euro instead of dollar, good customer support, multiple tools, daily and monthly payment, quick sign up option, easy to earn, multiple payment methods etc.

=> Sign Up To Linkvertise By - [Clicking Here]

We like this url shortener because it pays in euro instead of dollars, it has more options to earn money while shortening any long urls and it pays on daily and monthly basis to all its users on time.

Linkvertise.net’s minimum cashout limit is only €10 and it pays via PayPal and Bank transfer (wire transfer) to all its users.

While writing this article it was paying 5% referral commission to all its users to refer to them.
Linkvertise is available in dutch and english languages, currently it is paying up to €11 to its users and its cpm rates are depending on many factors like visitors country and type of advertisements etc.

Major Details

  • Network Type: CPC, CPM
  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads
  • Minimum Payout: €10
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Payment Time: Daily and Monthly
  • Referral: 5%
  • Payout for 1000 views: Up to €11

What is Linkvertise.net?

Linkvertise.net is a newly launched good url shortener site with decent cpm rates. If you want to make money with Linkvertise then you must short any long url link using their tools and share it with your site or youtube channel or any social media sites.

=> Sign Up To Linkvertise By - [Clicking Here]

Linkvertise.net also offers some good features to all its users like quick payment, decent cpm rates, payment in euro instead of dollar, good customer support, multiple tools, daily and monthly payment, quick sign up option, easy to earn, multiple payment methods etc.

How much does Linkvertise.net pay you?

Currently it is paying up to €11 to its users and its cpm rates are depending on many factors like visitors country and type of advertisements etc.

=> Sign Up To Linkvertise By - [Clicking Here]

Linkvertise.net’s minimum cashout limit is only €10 and it pays via PayPal and Bank transfer (wire transfer) payoneer to all its users.

Best features offered by Linkvertise to publisher?

  1. Pays in Euro instead of dollars
  2. Daily and monthly payments
  3. Low cashout limit
  4. Automated payment on monthly payments
  5. Live stats
  6. Multiple payment methods
  7. User friendly site
  8. Decent cpm rates
  9. Easy to join
  10. Nice Customer Support

Linkvertise.net Payment Informations

Currently it is paying up to €11 to its users and its cpm rates are depending on many factors like visitors country and type of advertisements etc.

Automated payments on monthly payments

Linkvertise.net’s minimum cashout limit is only €10
Linkvertise pays in euro instead of dollars.

So what are you waiting for kindly Sign Up By Clicking Here and start making some cool cash. 
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15 Oct 2019

How To Force Lock Infinix Android Smartphones To 4G Network Only Mode

Hello guys, one of the features of most new modern smartphones is their incorporation with the 4G LTE network technology alongside the other lower 3GB and 2G network.
4G LTE network technology enables you access the internet with your phone faster than 3G and 2G network.

Most of the modern smartphones are built in such a way that you can either allow the device to automatically detect and switch between the network signal by itself to the network that is stronger at any particular location or you can decide lock it it from the network settings of your phone to a particular network, thereby disabling automatic network switching mode.

For example, you can put it on 3G network only mode or 4G network only mode to prevent automatic network switching.

Although, based on network availability on any location, it is most times advisable to maintain a particular network signal, as doing so will prevent automatic network switching and gives you a better network signal reception experience. Automatic network switching is also known to be a battery drainer.

Now, we noticed that some of Infinix 4G device owners have been complaining of their inability to lock their devices to a particular network of their choice; some have maintained that even after manually switching it to 4G only mode, that from time to time, they still see 3G signal appear.

In that vein, we want to show you how to force or lock your Infinix device to either a 4G network only mode or 3G network only mode in order to prevent automatic network switching.

Without wasting much of your time, kindly follow the steps below.

How To force Or Lock Your Infinix Device To A Particular Network Mode

  1. With your Infinix device, dial the code *#9646633#.
  2. Choose the Network Selecting option in the page that comes up. 
  3. Choose the SIM that you want to lock 4G to. 
  4. Choose the LTE Only option. 
You will now see that you phone will be locked to 4G only mode. Note that your Infinix device must be 4G enabled before it will be locked to 4G only.

If your phone is not 4G network enabled and you followed the procedure above, you will still see the 4G only option but even if you go ahead to select it, it will return your device to the 3G mode, which is usually denoted as the WCDMA,  since your device has no support for 4G LTE network mode.
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How To Make Money Online With Your Own Ideas

Hello guys, If you want to live your dream life, you need more money. Every person has different wants and needs but in this modern world, money has become a need while business has become a want.
1. Save Money
Saving money is not so interesting because you want to spend more and have fun. However, it's a highly effective strategy to grow your net worth/profit. Net worth is the correct result of your hard work or skills for a particular business/job. (Profits-expenses=Net worth)

2. Eliminate Loan/Debts
If you stop borrowing loan from financial institutions, unless you really need it, you can grow your money. If you don't invest your money to a valuable project/business, your loan will be wasted your net worth will be zero.

3. Develop Your Skills
Skills can be learnt and developed over the period of time.

4. Become A Star
I think in order to be a super star or star, you need to face on TV screen or media over again and again for a certain interesting programs. But as you can gain more and more fans, you can make more money.

5. Sell Your Products Online
With internet you can focus on global trade. You can sell your products online by using such as amazon affiliate program or building your own website. Your online customers will pay you by using paypal account, debit/credit cards, etc. 
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14 Oct 2019

Latest Settings For MTN Browsing Cheat Using Tweakware Vpn 2019

Hello guys, you can now enjoy the mtn free browsing cheat on one of our old popular VPN called "Tweakware" this another settings to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat.
Don't forget that we have posted two different methods to enjoy this new MTN Browsing cheat lately, but we noticed there are still some people that are yet to enjoy this cheat either because they can't import Spark VPN config file, Xp Psiphon Config file or they can't setup  Tweakware mod and SyphonShield VPN
However we have another alternative settings and app to ensure that everyone enjoys it before MTN close the loophole.

Unfortunately the new MTN cheat is capped at just 10MB for most SIM cards when usings Spark Vpn or Xp psiphon. We'll advise you to try this trick because there is no harm in trying. Who knows, you may be the next luckiest person to be hooked to unlimited free browsing and internet on MTN Nigeria you can also check out this post how to bypass Mtn Free Browsing 10MB limit Here.

Tweakware is one of the oldest and popular VPN app that we have used to enjoy free internet access since the year ago starting from the MTN BB10, MTN MusicPlus Cheat, Etisalat/9Mobile Social Me Cheat and GLO Free browsing cheat just name it.
The app offers FREE and PREMIUM services so it's your choice to choose the one that suits you. The free service has only one server located in the United States and when the traffic gets congested, it frequently disconnects.

Also there is ads popup from time to time but if you upgrade to Tweakware premium version, you get a premium account with Username and Password and you will have more servers to select from.

There won't be adverts on the app and your connection becomes more stable. Without wasting much of your time, let's quickly take a look on how to setup Tweakware VPN for this MTN free browsing trick. 

=>> An Android Smartphone
=>> An MTN SIM with 0.0kb balance and no data
=>> Strong 3G network
=>> Tweakware VPN Download Here.
=>> Use the default MTN APN settings as it is.

=>> Launch the Tweakware app you downloaded from the link above
=>> Tap on SETTINGS

=>> Then select CUSTOM TWEAK
=>> Under custom tweak, enter below settings;

=>> connection mode = http
=>> Sever port = 8080
=>> Host header smartapp.mtnnigeria.net:8080 Or mtn1app.mtn.com

=>> Header type: singleline
=>> don't Tick "reverse proxy"
=>> Proxy host =
=>> Proxy port = 8080

=>> After that, go back to the Tweakware app homepage and select

=>> Next, select the "free server" (if you are a free user) otherwise select one of the premium servers if you registered for premium account and click the CONNECT button to start your free browsing.

IMPORTANTTweakware has a 350MB limit per day while in some versions, it's more than that. Don't worry you can bypass it by following this steps Here. If you want to follow the officially legit method, you have to pay Just N1,500 to the developer to have premium access. you can easily do that on tweakware official website.

=>> You might be new or lost with the whole thing don't worry kindly check out this links for Mtn Free Browsing Cheat Via Spark Vpn and Xp Psiphon.

That's all. 
You want to get latest updates on free browsing cheats, free airtime and free data? If yes kindly download our app from play store and join our telegram group using the below links. 
Don't forget to share this post if encounter any difficulties with this VPN kindly drop your comment.

If this also helpful kindly leave your comment below by using the comment box. Keep visiting Extreme Codez for latest update on free browsing and more...

Warning ⚠ 
This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge, we only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 
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