13 Nov 2018

Glo Free Browsing Cheat For HTTP Injector Vpn November 2018

Glo is back again this time working on HTTP Injector Vpn this to let you know that Glo free browsing Config is now available for all users to use.
This glo have been tested for some weeks and we have confirmed it working so we have decided to give you all the Glo 0.0kb, so if your using glo sim is time for you to rock this free browsing cheat using Http injector.
Earlier this year we dropped the settings for glo free browsing cheat using StarkVpn, but it later got blocked.

Once again you can now enjoy the Glo free browsing cheat on your android smartphone. Although before the glo cheat stopped working months back users of the cheat complained bitterly about the glo network signals not coming up if no active data this to say it only comes up if you subscribe to any of the glo data plan.

But never to worry on this post you will find out how to fix that and get the glo cheat working, so kindly follow us along.

This HTTP injector vpn is also more stable but the ads popup are still there. But don't worry you can as well check out how to kill, block or remove ads from any android app.

You don't have to blame them as a developer that's the only way to get income from your app however you should know that this free compared to TweakWare that has premium accounts, though it also boasts of more servers. Now scroll down to get the step up.

How Does The Glo Free Browsing Cheat Works

To power up Glo data nowadays is maths on its own, gone are the days of free browsing using uc handler when we surf the net unlimitedly, but now to power up the data is just like calculation.
But don't be scared when we say calculation, we mean we have to perform a little task which is;

1. Recharging your glo line with little amount of airtime just to boost it, even if it's #50 airtime or 2MB.

2. Once data is on, we move on to the next step

What's The Glo Free Browsing  Cheat Data Cap

For now, we can't tell because some of our test team are still using it till now and we sure it's a bit okay to surf the net. So let's use it before it gets block as usual.

How Can I Get The Glo Free Browsing Cheat File 

Getting the Config File is quite simple, however it's scheduled to expire in 7days from now so you can get the New File from us by join our telegram group.

How to Get the Glo Free Browsing Cheat Working

The Glo ConfigOnce you've followed the above steps and your data is on, download the Config and import it to your Http Injector then connect and wait a little before it gets connected.

Note that the file only works for new version of the Http injector 4.4.1(84) so if you get errors while importing use the new version app.

Basically this Config is expected to work well for glo joliffic8 users, but truth is, you can't subscribe to glo joliffic8 for now as its meant to be attached to new glo sims automatically you can check out how to migrate and subscribe to glo joliffic8 and get 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 Here.

You can as well try calling the customer care if they might have any alternative or assists you in migrating if possible.

Where Can I Download The File From

  • Your Glo Sim. 
  • Your Android smartphone. 
  • Strong Network. 
  • HTTP Injector App - (Download Here)
  • HTTP Injector Glo Config - (Download Here

How To Import Config On HTTP Injector Vpn

=>> Download HTTP Injector vpn and the Glo Config from the link above. 

=>> After installing HTTP Injector, launch the VPN app. 

=>> Tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner. 

=>> Tap on Import Config and locate the Glo Cheat 2018 file and tap on it to import.

=>> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser and any app and start browsing in full speed. 

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keep visiting Extreme Codez for latest free browsing cheats and tech updates.

Warning ⚠ 
This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge, we only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 
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12 Nov 2018

How To Connect Android Smartphones To TV Via HDMi Cable And Wi-fi

     Hello guys many have been asking for this for so long and here it has landed. Some time last month a followers on our Satellite Dongles World Group asked this "Question": how can I connect my plasma Tv with my android smartphone? and there was no responses at that moment. But today we are going to give you procedure on how to easily connect your smartphone to your tv.
However changing dimension by projecting your TV screen photos, videos and all the contents of your smartphone and Android tablet. You will not see your phone in the same way again.
Basically you want to share your contents with friends or family, there are many occasions where you would like to share with everyone the contents of your smartphone or touch pad.

To connect your Android device to the TV, there is definitely (3) three solutions, and wireless. Quick and easy, they will allow you to project onto a large screen photos, surf the Internet, play games, work on Word or even watch Iptv, Netflix or YouTube videos.


Now that the vast majority of TVs are equipped with HDMI, this solution is easy to implement.

You can buy a Micro USB to HDMI adapter — Sold between 10 and 17 dollars depending on the model to use the standard micro—USB port of your phone.

For Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Sony, use an MHL cable, or LG Nexus, a SlimPort. Practice Tip: Once connected, your smartphone will not discharge, on the contrary, as it is connected to the TV.

Once the adapter is plugged in, select your smartphone as a source on the TV screen by pressing the button on your remote control showing an arrow pointing to a square. The HDMI option will display the contents of your smartphone.


If you do not have a suitable cable, but you own a Smart TV, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV Wi-Fi.

Be sure your phone has the feature by selecting in the top notification bar of the screen a multi—screen display option the name may vary by phone model. Then select TV as the source.

Your Android device and the TV screen will then automatically sync and your content will be found and projected on the TV screen.


In the form of USB stick, several manufacturers offer solutions to connect your tablet and your smartphone to your TV.

The Android format, the most common is the Chromecast Google. The advantage is to benefit from the freedom of movement of a wireless connection, and a real ease of use. Depending on the brand, the USB’s are sold around 30 dollars, and can be used on all Android mobile devices and HDMi TVs.

Mobile applications compatible with this kind of system are more and more numerous. The VOD service or replay as Pluzz, YouTube, Netflix, Huluplus, Iptv etc. are almost all. Projecting the content of your smartphone on your TV.

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9 Nov 2018

MTN reduces The Data Volume Of mPulse Plan 100MB for N50 and 350MB for N150

MTN recently put sadness to all their subscribers face by decreasing the data volume of mPulse plan which was 350MB for N50 and 1.2GB for N150, but as it maybe right now it's now 100MB for N50 and 350MB for N150 this same Network provider also increased the price of their SME data plans and reducing the 500MB night plan to 125MB and 250MB.
However, MTN made some amendment by introducing two news plans— MTN DealZone and MTN mPulse. So we'll be looking at the benefits, opt-in code, FAQs, and bonus offers of MTN mPulse.

What is MTN mPulse
MTN mPulse is a new tariff plan available for Nigerian teenagers between the ages of 9 – 15yrs, which offers 350MB data for N150 and many other bonuses. This plan, along with the mPulse website, is mainly designed to facilitate young students' learning with relevant life and digital skills for success in this fast-evolving world.

You want to know more about the mPulse plan you can read full details by Clicking Here

MTN mPulse Data Plans and Offers
MTN mPulse comes with two special data plans to access ONLY the mPulse website, which are:
100MB for N50 (valid for 7 days) 350MB for N150 (Valid 14 days).

MTN mPulse Plan Migration Code
To opt-in to MTN mPulse, dial *344*1# or send mPulse to 131 from a new or existing MTN SIM. Alternatively, you can open MyMTN App, navigate to tariff plan and tap mPulse to migrate.
Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)
Q. How do I sign up to the mPulse website?
A. Go to www.mtnonline.com/mpulse in your browser • In the Login/Sign Up section, Click the I’m a Student icon or I’m a Parent icon and enter all the information required to register.

Q. Will I be charged for joining mPulse website?
A. No, sign up to mPulse website is totally free!

Q. I’m a student, what do I stand to gain if I join the mPulse website?
A. You will gain access to the following:
• Certified preparation materials for Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and PostUME
• Past Questions and Answers on Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and PostUME
• Youtube Tutorial videos on wide variety of topics: Technology, Programming, Leadership, Vocational Skills, Entrepreneurship, Language, etc.
• Exciting single-player and multi-player games
• Trending music and sports videos
• Buy mPulse data plans
• Migrate your MTN line to mPulse tariff plan.

Q. Do I need to pay for these services?
A. Access to the Youtube tutorial, music and sports videos is free (only data charges apply). For the education and game services, you have up to 14 days free trial access, after which you can pay (between N10 to N300) to subscribe for the services.

Q. Can I access other YouTube outside the mPulse YouTube content?
A. No. The YouTube content on MTNmPulse website have been carefully selected for you, you can only access these content on the website.

Q. How can I check my mPulse airtime balance?
A. Customer will be able to check their airtime balance by dialling *556#.

Q. How do I subscribe to the mPulse 7 days weekly and 14 days weekly special data bundle plan?
A. You can subscribe to any of the mPulse Special Data bundle by doing any of the following:
  1. For 7 days Weekly bundle of 100MB, send 350 to 344.
  2. For 14 days Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 351 to 344.
  3. Dial *344# and then, select data bundle of choice from the menu.
  4. To check data balance dial *559*93#
Q. How do I check my special data bundle balance?

A. Dial *344*2*2# or *559*93#.

Q. Can I access all website with the mPulse special data bundle?
A. No, you can only access mPulse Website with the special data bundle.

Calculation About the New MPulse Data plan

7 days Weekly mPulse - 100MB / N50
14 days Weekly mPulse - 350MB / N150

(1). 100mb=N50 200mb=N100 250mb=N150 this to say 500MB goes for N300 and 1GB N600

(2). 350mb=N150 700mb=N300 this to say 1.4GB goes for N600

🏃 Will you still go for it?

Now that mtn has finally reduce the data volume of the mPulse plan what's our faith for browsing will you still subscribe to it or not or you will go with the MTN Pulse Night Plan 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50 kindly drop your own point of view by using the comment box.

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8 Nov 2018

How To Get Free Airtime On Mtn, 9Mobile, Glo And Airtel Network

Are you looking for a way on how to get free airtime? Yes! Then look no further. With GEOPOLL you can easily earn lots of free airtime. This app is really amazing, as it now been rated as one of the best free airtime generating app.
Although we also have similar apps that can earn you free airtime but we really think you should give Geopoll a try it very easy to use and understand.


You easily earn money when you complete the survey task. GeoPoll will always send you a survey to complete but your information is safe and collected anonymously and they also promised never to disclose your personal identifiable information. The questions they ask are very simple with options to answer and sometimes, you input answer yourself.

SEE ALSO... MTN - How To Send Free Unlimited SMS On MTN Network

GeoPoll airtime can be used to make calls, it can also be shared to another number and can also be used to subscribe for data. This app generates alot of airtime that's why you should quickly opt for it.


we know you guys would want to earn alot of airtime so let's quickly do this just head over to Google PlayStore and download the GeoPoll android app by Clicking here.

Next, register with your Mobile Phone Number, choose your Date of Birth and choose your Garden now create your Password, next tick the user referred box and make sure to use this user referral code YHU9T2J as your invitation code from friend for you to be able to register and earn more.

Once your done you will receive an SMS to the number you used when registering now input the 6 digits number on the confirmation boxCongratulations! You have successfully complete your registration. So, you will be getting survey which when completed, you get free airtime.


Once your money completes N100, just tap the "REDEEM" button and get your airtime automatically recharged into your phone number via VTU. Supported networks are MTN, 9MOBILEGLO and AIRTEL.

You can also share your referrals link to your friends and family to earn more airtime credit, the more you share the more your airtime keeps increasing.

that's all, kindly share this good news to your friends by using any of the below share buttons, also don't forget to tell us your experience regarding the GeoPoll app by using the comment box below.
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How To Earn More Than N5,000 Money And Airtime With TopUp Africa App, Referral Bonus

Hello guys,  do you know you can earn lots of cash with the new app in town? Yes! With TopUp Africa you can earn cash-back and free airtime for all network if you aren't yet using TopUp Africa App, you are missing a lot honestly because others are enjoying the amazing goodies and benefiting from the referral bonuses accrued from this app coming as profits.
Just within few hours, you can earn up to N5,000 free from the app. The good thing about this amazing app is that, you can use the money you earned to pay your Electricity bills, PayTv, Internet, recharge airtime and even transfer the money you earned directly to your local bank account all with your Smart Phone and get profit for your transactions.
Recall when GeoPoll app was first introduced, we shared a post of how we got over N15,000 worth of airtime in referrals bonus and some readers of this Site confirmed they got free airtime ranging from N5000 to N15, 000.


  1.  First, Click on the link below to download TopUp Africa from Google Play Store and start enjoying  huge rewards download the TopUp Africa App Apk here
  2. Enter your details which includes password or fingerprint and after verification, you now have an account
  3. Now, to earn money, you need to buy airtime, send money, pay for GoTv, DSTV or startimes or PHCN or any other bills available on the app. Once, you pay via the app, you get some cash back.
  4. But you can also earn money from the app without spending a dime. This is made possible through referral bonuses. When you refer someone and he registers, you get free N100. The more you refer, the more you get free money. It's as simple as that.


To get your referral link on TopUp Africa App, click on SHARE AND EARN. Then share to Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and any other place of your choice.

As we said earlier, you can use the bonus to subscribe for data plans, pay bills and so on.

Stop procrastination and start sharing. Some money must be made once the opportunity calls.

Don't forget to share to your friends and family by using any of the below share buttons. 
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Latest MTN Pulse Night Plan 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50

Hello guys, the MTN night plan is still working, this night plan is for those who love browsing the net at night, so if you are in that category then you should know about the mtn night plan.
So for Mtn Subscribers this time for you to rock the night with this MTN night plan.

Normally before now it was 500MB for 25Naira, but early this year it was reduced to 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50 and this change was applied starting from 16/08/2018 it was really not suitable for users we strongly believe that they loose alot of subscribers so they reconsider to make new changes.

With the night plan you can now chat, upload, download, stream and browse for as low as ₦25 for 200MB and ₦50 for 500mb at night. Starting from (12)am to (4)am.

  • MTN Pulse night plan now have new change applied. You can now get 250MB for N25 as well as 500MB for N50.

Although 9Mobile also has night and weekend plans that might interest you so if you're 9mobile user you can check out how to activate the new 9Mobile night and weekend plans from here, also Airtel Users can check out Airtel Night plan 500MB ₦25 and 1.5GB for ₦200, but in this post you will find a step by step guide on how to go about the MTN Night plan on any internet enabled device.

You should take note that the Mtn Pulse plan and the Mtn mPulse plan are two different plans so don't get it twisted you can know more about the mPulse plan Here.

So let's quickly check out how to get this done!

How To Activate MTN Night Plan 250MB For N25 And 500MB Just For N50

  1.  Ensure you are on Mtn pulse (you can migrate by dialing the USSD code *406*1# or by SMS/sending 406 to 131)
  2. Ensure you have ₦25 or ₦50 above then send/SMS "Night" to 131, or NT1 to 131 or NT2 to 131 you can use USSD code by dialing *406# then reply with 4.
You will see a confirmation message saying;
"Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 12am and 4am. N25 or N50 has been deducted. Fair usage policy apply. Enjoy!"
Then you can now start browsing and downloading as you like.

IMPORTANT: This Plan Costs ₦25 and ₦50, Has a Data Cap Of 250Mb and 500Mb and Only Works Between the hour of 12:00am-4:00am, and can only be activated multiple times. That's to say if your 250mb or 500mb is exhausted before 4:00am you can resubscribe.

Note: If you migrate out of MTN mPulse, you won't be able to migrate back to the tariff plan to enjoy the cheap data plans of 350mb for N50 and 1.2GB for N150, so we advise you to use a different sim.


Unfortunately, you can't check the data balance but MTN will send you a notification when your Data remains 99.9Mb.
Don't just read and go, kindly share this post to your friends and family by using any if the below share buttons, and don't forget to share your experience regarding this mtn night plan. 
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Download MTN MyApp And Get Free 500MB Data Bonus

MTN is currently dishing out free 500MB to their subscribers and if you are an MTN customer, you too can equally get this MTN free data offer.
First it was free 100mb data then again 1GB free data was giving out to some mtn subscribers.
Don't forget some time ago this free 100mb was cracked which users also got lots of airtime by just sending Myapp to 131, on the MTN network most people where able to accumulate up to 1.5Gb before it was blocked or should we rather say closed.

All the same let get back to today's topic there is a little twist to the offer in the sense that you might not get your free 500MB data immediately but within three days after opting in for offer MTN would send your free 500MB to your bonus data balance.

Starting from the 8th of August, MTN launched its promotion to lure customers into downloading their app, myMTN.

MTN’s Executive of the Consumer Business Unit, Mapula Bodipe, said, “in this digital world, the company wants to offer their customers the simplest and quickest personalized mobile device.

The good news is, all first-time downloaders of MyMTN app will get rewarded with 500MB free data to browse and surf the internet. It is just 15MB in size, so, there is no harm in wasting that data and getting 500MB data for free.

MyMTN also ensures customers have access to information about MTN’s products and services whenever the user needs it (24 hours a day) and at their convenience.

This promotion by MTN is set to run from the 8th of August, down to December 2018. Like Mapula Bodipe said, the app is quick and free to download as it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Some features of MyMTN app

=>> Activation of data plans.
=>> Check voice and data balance.
=>> View call history. e.t.c.
=>> It gives you access to key security codes like PUK number to unlock SIM card.
=>> Enables you to load airtime for a loved one remotely.
=>>It is easy to use.

Performing this task is very simple and easy so you get nothing to worry of it a bit easy all you need to do is scroll down to get the full details.

How to get your MTN free 500MB

  1. Firstly, send MYMTN APP to 5018 download MyMTN app to your phone.
  2. Next install it with your current MTN number.
  3. After which you will receive free 500MB either immediately after installation or within the next three days.
As simple as ABC.
To check your bonus data at any time, simply dial *559*4#.

Also have it in mind that with the MyMTN app, you can easily carry out other self service activities like using it to check your MTN airtime and data balance, recharging airtime and buying of data etc.

MyMTN is the smartest way to have access to your MTN account as you also get rewarded with 500MB data.

With MyMTN App, Everything is now a touch away. Download now and take charge of your account management .
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6 Nov 2018

Download SkyVPN For Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2019, No Proxy Server, No Disconnections

Hello guys, hope you all have not forgotten that Glo 0.0k unlimited free browsing cheat that was back few weeks ago is blazing without stop, but right now with a new VPN. No proxy server no disconnection. 
Before now this Glo cheat is working good, starting from Anonytun settings and Stark Vpn Many users have complained of frequent disconnections on Anonytun and stark VPN, most especially the glo data network not coming up well if your in that case see how to fix glo data network problem here.

Dont worry about disconnection because this new VPN app called Sky VPN. Will solve your problem. With this VPN, you will never experience any form of disconnections again.


SkyVPN is an unlimited free VPN proxy server that gives you access to unblock sites, bypass school WiFi restrictions, workplace firewall, WiFi hotspot secure and protect online browsing privacy with no traffic log commitment.

Bypass Any Block access to unblock sites, bypass all websites and apps blocked by firewalls. providing VPN private internet access for school WiFi, enjoy foreign TV, movies, live shows, and sports.

Features Of SkyVPN With Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2018-2019

  1. It is very stable
  2. It is very fast in terms of browsing, downloading and streaming
  3. The downside is that it is limited to some data usage (i.e you will have to be a premuim user before you can have unlimited usage.
  4. It can also be used with any other network. (But has not discover free for them, unlike the Glo)
  5. The app contains ads
  • Glo 3G sim without active data and credit 
  • Android smartphone
  • Strong Glo 3G network
  • Default Glo APN settings
  • Download Sky VPN app by Clicking Here.

Sky VPN Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2018-2019

It easy and very simple, meanwhile there's no special settings on SkyVPN, but you will be limited to some data usage, until you become a premium user.

=>> After you have downloaded the app from the above link we provided, open it.
=>> Then click on the menu icon at the top left corner.

=>> Next click on Premium Traffic.
=>> And tap the Daily Check-in to get free 75MB data. Tap I'm Feeling Lucky to get free 25MB data.
=>> You can also perform other tasks shown there to get more data. Like, "Watch Videos" "Complete offers" and Invite Friends. Make sure you have internet connection when performing those tasks.
=>> Now, go back to the app main page, and tap on Premium button, a pop up message will ask if you want to upgrade, click on Upgrade and choose United States as your region.

Now, hit the Connect Button to start enjoying glo free browsing cheat.
Don't forget to share this post if encounter any difficulties with this VPN kindly drop your comment.
Warning ⚠ 
This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge, we only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 
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5 Nov 2018

Mega SSH VPN Settings For MTN 0.0kb and mPulse Data To Power All Apps

Hello guys, MTN free browsing cheat 2018 talk of town and it has been trending all over social media, blogs and sites no doubt the cheat had helped a lot of mtn users that cant afford to purchase data.
Before now we have the Wechat data that give you 2GB for N25, 5GB for N50 and 10GB for N150 which users where all enjoying before the network providers decided to block it. So sad. It was also mentioned that a follower on twitter reported it on MTN's twitter handle.

We have seen many cheap data past weeks from different network providers like the Glo 5.2 for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 also the Airtel 4.6GB for N200 nothing yet from 9mobile we hope they are not going yo end this year without something good.

Many of our readers are using the MTN 0.0kb cheat with the help of configuration files for Sparkvpn eproxy, Samsung max, Linux, Xp xp psiphon, KPNtunnel Rev, HTTP injector and now MegaSsh-Vpn. On our previously we have updated all post with working files. But still most people complain about the files been slow.
That's true, we have another new proxy server which is very fast unlike the previous proxy server that's been used by millions of people, the bad side of it is that most people that manage in knowing the old proxy server abused it by posting it to the air and since yesterday we have been receiving messages that it's now capped at 50MB instead of the 1GB.

Don't worry you can still subscribe to the mtn mPulse data and power all your apps using the file that we are going to provide below.

Alright let's look at some major facts and issues about the mtn cheat.

(Q1). Why is my config not connecting

(A1). Firstly, your config might not connect if you've used up the daily 1GB on your sim this might be the reason why your vpn is not connecting.

(A2). You should also remember this configs are connected to servers. Sometimes the server can get a little congested and busy which might not allow you to connect. The best thing to do is to a wait a little while before retrying to connect again.

(A3). Another reason why your VPN might not connect is the cache which can also be the reason why your VPN is not connecting. Which you can fix by going to your VPN app details and clear cache, Force stop, Better still clear settings.

Q2 Why are the Config files locked?

(A1). The main reason why the config files are locked is simply not to enable users who import the file to mess the settings or change the settings which might result in the VPN not connecting.

(A2). Another reason the config files are locked is to keep the information and configurations descrete from all.

(A3). Also it been locked mainly because of the proxy server not to be blocked by the network providers.

Q3 How are the config files made

(A1). The config files are made with a combination of SSH and Host which can be created from different websites such as Fastssh, Skyssh, Contassh and lots more which are used with host ip, username and password to make the configs connect. The steps are kept discrete as to make the cheat last longer and not to get easily blocked.

MegaSsh VPN Settings For MTN 0.0kb and mPulse Data To Power All Apps 


» MegaSsh-Vpn - (Download Here)
» Strong 3G
» MTN sim with no data or with mPulse data
» Subscribe To mPulse - (HERE)
» Config files.
Note that this config files expires in 30/November/2018 and will be updated by then. 
For MegaSsh VPN MTN 0.0kb Cheat

=>> New proxy server for MTN 0.0kb Config - Download Here. (Works for rooted and unrooted Android device. Make sure you tick DNS and Servico Vpn box If you don't know how to import the config file on Linux vpn, Click Here.

=>> Note that this config files expires 30/November/2018 and will be updated by then.

For MegaSsh VPN MTN mPulse data 

=>> MTN mPulse Config - Download Here. (Works for rooted and unrooted Android device. Make sure you tick DNS and Servico Vpn box If you don't know how to import the config file on Linux VPN, Clicking Here.

=>> Note that this config files expires 30/November/2018 and will be updated by then.

We know many of you are eager to apply this settings so let quickly get down to the full details.

Before this cheat will start working for free browsing on your phone or laptop, you have to first import the mssh config file on MegaSsh vpn.

By now, you should have downloaded both the MegaSsh VPN app and Config file.

• Now launch your MegaSsh vpn app, note is not English app so follow the steps carefully, Now tap at the (Three dots) at the top right.

• Click on (Ajuste de servidor).

• Click on (Importar servidor).

• After that, locate the mssh config you downloaded from the above link, select and import it.

• After successful importation, the home menu screen of your MegaSsh vpn should display the config file.

• Next, click on the INICIAR button It should connect after few seconds and you will be able to enjoy the MTN free browsing cheat 2018 and power all apps with the mPulse data.

That's all.
You want to get latest updates on free browsing cheats, free airtime and free data? If yes kindly download our app from play store and join our telegram group using the below links. 
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