22 Jul 2019

Download Tea Tv App To Watch Free Movies And Tv Shows On Android And Pc

Hello guys, we are here again with another amazing Apk going on the internet for free movies and TV shows. And it's called Tea tv in this post you will find the full guide for tea tv apk and download link.
Tea tv is a free app available over the internet to download free movies and TV shows.

When some of the big free platforms such as Showbox, terrarium tv had shut down.

This is running unstoppably for its beloved users. The app has almost all the amazing features which are available in paid applications and let us get a quick look at it.

Tea TV apk features Tea tv has some amazing features such as safe mode, internal video player, regular updates, 100% uptime, collection etc.

Which will be discussed in detail here. So lets get started with the features.


Regular Updates — Regular movies and TV shows The app is almost daily updated with regular movies and TV
shows. It has a complete set of the entertainment package.

You don’t have to wait for any movie since it is uploaded as soon as it is on the internet. All this is uploaded for free on the app for their beloved users. It also has an anime option to view anime videos on the app.

Safe Mode — Tea Tv has safe mode pre-installed. It is already on safe
mode and you can’t surf for adult content on it.

It is good if you have small children at your home. The app restricts the adult content on the app and you can access it by disabling the safe mode.

After the safe mode is disabled you can surf for all adult content on the

100% Uptime — The app has 100% uptime as it never gets down. You can watch your favorite videos any time and anywhere.

At a time when big giants such as Showbox/terrarium tv etc. Goes down it is running seamlessly perfect.

Internal Video Player — The app has an internal video player so you don’t have to install a separate video player to watch those videos.

The internal video player is completely free of ads so you can have seamless entertainment for free.

User Collections — The app has a separate option to make your own collection of videos which you want to watch.

You can make a personal collection of your favorite videos by logging in to your trakt.tv account.

No Ads [100% ad free] — The app doesn’t contain any ads so that you can seamlessly view your videos and movies.

All the content is free to use and download on your smartphone.

This app is totally ad-free and has multiple subtitles on the internet which are downloaded from the app to your smartphones.

So, these were some of the features of the tea tv app.

Now, here is the guide to download & install the tea tv apk.

Tea Tv apk download & Install guide

Below is the download link to download the tea tv apk. [Download Tea Tv Apk From Here] click on it and just download the apk and install it.

Here is the installation guide to install it on your smartphone

=> First of all, download the apk from the above link and now you have to allow unknown sources.

=> For that click on the settings option and go to security option.

=> On the security option, tick on the allows unknown sources.
The above procedure is for android 7 or below.

For Android 8 and above refer to the procedure

=> First of all, go to the settings option.

=> Now, click on the search bar and search for “special app access”.

After searching for it go at last to find allow unknown sources.

Now allow for the app from where you have to install the apk.

As you can see below, we have allowed it for chrome as we have downloaded the apk from chrome.
Allow it for the app from where you have downloaded the apk.

By doing the above procedure you can easily download and install the tea tv apk.

That's all if you have any have questions about the app kindly use the comment box.
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21 Jul 2019

YouTube Go - Watch, Share And Download Youtube Videos Without Data

Hello guys, YouTube Go has been announced by Google long before now. Youtube Go is a new app designed to broaden the accessibility of the behemoth video-sharing service.
This was announced at a Google event in Delhi, so Youtube Go will be available first in India, before rolling out globally.

YouTube Go enable users to save videos for offline viewing, giving file size and quality options so you'll know how much data a download will consume. 

Youtube Go users also enjoy local sharing with nearby users without any data. 

This app is built upon Google's Smart Offline feature which is available in India.

Here is what YouTube product management VP Johanna Wright said in a statement about the app.

"YouTube Go was designed and built from the ground up with insights from India, in order to bring the power of video to mobile users in a way that is more conscious of their data and connectivity, while still being locally relevant and social."

YouTube Go was created specifically for areas with low internet connectivity, and approximately 1billion Indians don't browse.
Youtube Go app will help the next generation of users share and enjoy videos. 
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Why Bad Credit Doesn't Matter To Payday Loan Companies

What is a Payday Loan?
Before we get deeper into the reasons why bad credit matter naught to payday loan companies, let's discuss first what a payday loan exactly is.
Payday loans are short term loans   rarely lasting more than half a month and you'll know why later on. Their amount ranges usually from $100 to $1,000.

Exactly how much you can borrow is usually based on your preferences and income. Payday loans can be borrowed anytime, but they do have universal laws when it comes to paying them off: you have to pay them off on your next payday.

Payment Methods   Why Bad Credit Doesn't Matter to Payday Loan Companies

It's mainly the payment methods used for payday loans the reason why these companies don't mind what your credit rating is.

It wouldn't even matter to them if you've excellent or the worse credit. Their preferred payment methods make those numbers pretty much inconsequential.

The first payment method allows the payday company to automatically and electronically access your bank account on your payday.

Upon access, they will be able to retrieve the total amount due from your account. Although permitting a second party to access your account seems hazardous, the chances of getting ripped off are pretty slim. What you should really about is having adequate money in your account to cover your loan.

Payday loan companies will be able to know when they have to access your account because of the investigation they performed regarding your employment.

When you're applying for a payday loan, you might notice a number of specific questions regarding your work, and those are what allow them to determine whether you're a good credit risk or not.

Not only will they make sure that you're working for the same company you've enlisted in your application form, but they'll also confirm with your company how much you're earning and which dates of the month do you receive your paycheck.

The second payment method is less risky for you but still provides adequate protection for the payday loan company. This time, you'll have to issue a check from your own checking account for the total money owed. This check is postdated and will only be deposited in their account on the given date.

Whichever method you end up choosing, the payday loan will still come up the winner. If you can't cover your loan on time, you will have to shoulder the interest charges for that month. It's hefty, but at least it's not as big as the money you borrowed.

Income verification is also another reason why bad credit doesn't matter. By confirming exactly how much you're earning, the company will also be able to compute the reasonable amount of money that you're allowed to borrow.

Thus, when applying for a payday loan, you need not worry about having good or bad credit. If you want something to worry about, make sure you've got yourself a great job and your own bank account.
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18 Jul 2019

FaceApp Old Filters For Android and iOS Users What You Need To Know

Hello guys, the new trending topic on social media now is the "FaceApp" faceapp old filters have suddenly gone viral again, with Android and iOS fans using the age filters to see what they look like when they’re older.
Credit: Goes to the respective owners 
Twitter and other social networks are being flooded with FaceApp old age filter snaps while the app has become the App Store’s top trending download.

FaceApp can be downloaded and used for free for three days from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store.

However, before you download FaceApp there’s one important thing that Android and iOS fans need to be aware of.

As reported on in a post by USA Today, the FaceApp privacy policy says it collects pictures you upload to the service.

It says it it collects user content like “photos and other materials that you post through” FaceApp.

While developer Joshua Nozzi shared something on Twitter that he claimed he noticed after using FaceApp for the first time.

He tweeted: “BE CAREFUL WITH FACEAPP – the face aging fad app. It immediately uploads your photos without asking, whether you chose one or not.
“As soon as I granted access to my photos it started listing them slowly a row at a time, almost like network delays.

“I quickly hit Airplane Mode and it instantly listed them all, refusing to let me select any because I’m offline. IT’S UPLOADING ALL YOUR PHOTOS.”

However, Guardian App CEO Will Strafach and researcher Baptiste Robert did not find any evidence of FaceApp uploading a user’s full camera roll.

Strafach tweeted: “Using a network traffic analyzer, I tried to replicate the thing people are talking about with FaceApp allegedly uploading your full camera roll to remote servers, but I did not see the reported activity occur.”

A trusted source contacted FaceApp for comment and asked for clarification about what type of pictures it collects.

And a FaceApp spokesperson said: “We are receiving a lot of inquiries regarding our privacy policy and therefore, would like to provide a few points that explain the basics.

“FaceApp performs most of the photo processing in the cloud. We only upload a photo selected by a user for editing. We never transfer any other images from the phone to the cloud.

“We might store an uploaded photo in the cloud. The main reason for that is performance and traffic: we want to make sure that the user doesn't upload the photo repeatedly for every edit operation. Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date.

“We accept requests from users for removing all their data from our servers. Our support team is currently overloaded, but these requests have our priority. For the fastest processing, we recommend sending the requests from the FaceApp mobile app using "Settings->Support->Report a bug" with the word "privacy" in the subject line. We are working on the better UI for that.

“All FaceApp features are available without logging in, and you can log in only from the settings screen. As a result, 99 per cent of users don't log in; therefore, we don't have access to any data that could identify a person.

“We don't sell or share any user data with any third parties.

“Even though the core R&D team is located in Russia, the user data is not transferred to Russia.

“Additionally, we'd like to comment on one of the most common concerns: pictures from the gallery being uploaded to servers after a user grants access to the photos. We don't do that.


You can download FaceApp Android by Clicking Here or alternatively by Clicking Here will let iOS users download FaceApp from the App Store.

“We upload only a photo selected for editing. You can quickly check this with any of network sniffing tools available on the internet.”
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5 Easy Steps to View Photos on Facebook Free Mode in Free Basics

Facebook Free mode has been available for over a year and it's now been used by thousands of people.
Many people has being wondering why photos don't display on free mode well that's how it been customized by the network providers.

We also sensed that every free thing don't work 100% accurate so if you so much wish to see photos you will have to purchase data or switch to data mode if you already have data.

The only networks that are currently freebasics supported are Airtel and 9mobile. As we all know, Facebook free mode doesn't show pictures except you go on Data Mode.

No doubt the Facebook free mode has been helpful to many Facebook users that can afford to purchase data, so with the free mode you will be entitled to use it for free but the only problem is that the pictures/photos will not display unless you switch to data mode like we said earlier.

What is Facebook free mode?
Free Facebook mode is a free basic Facebook that allows you to surf for free on Facebook or with their web browser or Facebook app. You can browse Facebook for free anytime, with no data charges when using: free.facebook.com.

Apart from chatting, one other fun thing to do on Facebook is viewing and commenting on friends pictures. On default, we can't see photos in free mode, but after reading this post, you'll be able to view photos/images in Facebook free mode

Please note that only Airtel and 9Mobile networks currently support freebasics in Nigeria, and for your information, you can access Telegram for free on these networks.

To be able to view photos on facebook free mode, you need the facebook lite app which loads faster and saves battery.

So in this post we are going to show you a simple trick on how to see photos while using Facebook free mode so let's get started!

  • An Android phone
  • Supported Sim without data Airtel and 9mobile.
  • Facebook Lite app. 
We'll be making use of Facebook Lite app for this tutorial as it's working perfectly well.

How to See Photos on Facebook Free Mode Free Basics

  • First, download Facebook Lite from Google Playstore Here if you don't have it installed on your phone.
  • After installing the app, open it for a minute and close the app.
  • Switch off your Data
  • Then go to your phone Settings » locate App » scroll down to Facebook lite » tap it, then clear the data of the fb lite.
  • Switch on your Data
  • Launch your Facebook Lite app
  • Enter your details and login
  • It won't load when trying to login, just quit the fb lite app and re-open it again. Then it'll load.
  • You will see you are on Data mode. All pictures will now be visible for you to see but you can't watch videos on Facebook Lite app with this trick.
That's all.

Don't forget that 9mobile and airtel network is also working for free with telegram, you can as well check it out. 
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How To Download YouTube Videos To 3gp Format Low Quality And Data

Downloading YouTube videos to 3gp is now a difficult task for us due to the update on the video format most times you want to download YouTube videos you just can't because the data is too high.
Well you can only get that on mp4 formats but with 3gp format you can download YouTube videos low quality and data.

What is Mp4 — MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. Like most modern container formats, it allows streaming over the Internet.
What is 3gp — 3GP (3GPP file format) is a multimedia container format defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for 3G UMTS multimedia services. It is used on 3G mobile phones but can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones.

This two formats ate two different type. The mp4 is made for high quality videos and requires big data, while the 3gp format is made for low quality videos and requires less data. For example mp4 video might be 100mb while the same video on 3gp might be 50mb hope you understand the differences between both formats.

Browser is one of the most fastest internet browsers that lets you surf favourite pages on the web.

The browser is widely known for its fast downloading features, many internet user love the uc browser due to it's speed when downloading any file.
Sometime last year the almighty uc browser was removed from Google play store due to policy violent, according to the report made, the developers fixed the issue and it later returned back to the playstore.

Apart from using this method we are about to show you, there is another YouTube app which you can easily use to download any YouTube videos with just a single click and the videos can be downloaded in any format such as; mp3, mp4, HD and so on, you can even download the video in a music format. You would love to check it out, then kindly use VidMate Downloader For Android - The Best YouTube Downloader.

Today, we have an easy guide on how you can leverage the data-saving Uc browser application to download any videos online without installing a third party downloader on mobile.

How To Download YouTube Videos To 3gp Format Low Quality And Data [%100 Working]

  1. If you have UC browser and you are looking for how to download movies directing from the uc browser or any other browser, here are some steps to easily do that;
  2. Launch your UC browser application (Recommended) on Android, iOs or Windows.
  3. Open YouTube app search for the video copy the link of the video.
  4. Now, let’s assume you want to download this video on YouTube URL – www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2DJZ-z7shg – All you need to do is go to “www.genyt.net” on your uc browser or any other browser.
  5. Once, the site loads up at the top right corner you will see the search box now pate in the YouTube URL or type in the name of the video and click the search go. 
  6. You will see the video click on it and it will take you to the page where you can choose your desired video format.
Now you can choose your desired video format and click on the download.
That’s all for now, if you have issues on how to download YouTube movies using this method, kindly let us know by using the comment box. 
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17 Jul 2019

How To Activate MTN 4GB For N500 Only On MTN Network

Hello guys, MTN doing all possibly best to win back the hearts of their customers few weeks ago MTN slashed down the price of data plans.
Which made every subscribers to be a bit happy than before After all, that’s what we all need and we are happy the network providers are gradually considering that aspect.

Meanwhile, MTN has unveiled a new way to activate 4GB data plan for just N500 only.
It’s not expensive you know but you have to follow a simple process before the activation.


Step 1: Buy and register a new MTN SIM card which you can get easily around your location.

Step 2: You will be given DOUBLE DATA offer as a new subscriber for 4 months.

Step 3: After getting all the requirements above, simply dial *131*1*1# and select option 5 to activate 2GB for N500 data plan.

Note that the data will double immediately as you will have 2GB + 2GB data bundle summing up to 4GB data bundle.


Double data offer are always activated automatically for new MTN subscribers, especially those on the MTN YafunYafun tariff plan.

Meanwhile, the YafunYafun tariff plan should be selected as your traiff plan for the new SIM.


The 4GB valid for 2 days only. If you really want to journey deeply or exploit the internet, you can choose the 4GB plan because is cheap and affordable.

The validity of the plan is a deal breaker but if you really have things to download, it should come in handy.
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16 Jul 2019

JavaScript Tutor Help: Be the Best in Every Technical Assignment

Programming is one of the hardest disciplines in schools and universities. It takes a lot of time practice.
You have to learn all the basics and read a lot of literature in order to become the best.

But very often when students are just in the beginning, they also face first mistakes and failures and give up.

Our JavaScript tutor help will provide you with the best solution for different programming tasks. Achieve greatness in each technical homework with JavaScript tutor and take the first step on the way to become a professional!

Why using online JavaScript help? 

One of the most popular scripting languages is JavaScript. Here are some of the benefits of the online JavaScript tutor.

We work on different kinds of Assignments: from advanced to beginners levels.

We will create for you a clean code that will be easy to understand and change if needed. Our JavaScript tutor help expert is going to follow all of the guidelines you give to make sure that the assignment is completed on a high level. Use your assignment as a tutorial to understand JS better.

All of the assignments are created from scratch. Stealing from other programmers is not tolerated, and every program is double-checked to make sure that the completed order is 100% unique.

With us, you will get a fresh product that will be completed according to your instructions.

Prices that we offer for our help always stay low. Students need to pay for things like tutors, college fees, textbooks, etc.

We don’t want to hurt your budget, so we made our prices affordable for everyone. Choose great quality for a good price.

Your order will be delivered on time, you can be sure about that. Students have a lot of upcoming deadlines, and we want you to submit everything on time.
Send your order to us at any time, and we will complete it to you as fast as we can. 
You will still have some time to prepare for your lessons and learn everything you need.

Our tutor help respects your privacy. None of your personal information will be shared with anyone.

All of the messages, as well as money transactions and order details, are secured. 

Work with online JavaScript experts 

Our online JavaScript help is a place where you can not only get a perfect solution for your problem but also learn from the examples of experts.

We work with people who obtain a higher degree in programming and have important soft skills for this type of work.

Our specialist will explain to you all of the details you don’t understand, and if needed, you will get a recommendation about which resources you should use.

Our specialists can work with such programming languages and tools:
  • C/C++;
  • C#;  
  • Java; 
  • JavaScript; 
  •  PHP; 
  • Python; 
  • Go; 
  • Bootcamp; 
  • Visual Studio; 
  • Excel and Microsoft Word. 
If what you are looking for is not on the list, send us a message, and we will find an expert for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a dummies course to learn JS or already work as a developer.

You can always find a way to become a better programmer and learn new things about programming.

JavaScript can be hard, and learning it takes a lot of time and training. Just do your best, and you will be able to deal with anything and get the best grades in class.

Leave the work to us, and go have some rest, read a book, and spend some time with friends and family!

This post is written by the sponsoring company AssignCode and clearly marked with the tag [Sponsored]. The views and opinions expressed in any sponsored post featured on our site  remains our own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the Extreme Codez as a whole. 
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15 Jul 2019

Top 3 Best Apps To Earn Free Money, Airtime And Data For Android

Hello guys, It's the middle month of 2019 and making money is one of the things we all have in mind, today we have decided to bring you Three of the most rewarding apps into 2019, these two apps are no other apps but "Cashkaching", "Jumia one" and "Gomoney".
We all know that they are many cash rewarding apps available for Android and some iOS users, that gives you free airtime free money and free data without any Much stress.

We have seen different type of apps that gives free money airtime and data pass years such as Jumia One App, CashkachingOpera NewsZotoGeoPollTopUp Africa and Mcent Browser that gives you free airtime credit without any stress.
Recall when GeoPoll app was first introduced, we shared a post of how we got over N15,000 worth of airtime in referrals bonus and some readers of this Site confirmed they got free airtime ranging from N5000 to N15, 000.

You can watch the below video for top 3 apps to earn free money, airtime and data;
So, in today's post we are going to see how to earn free money and airtime credit using these two apps so let's get started!
(3). Cashkaching


Cashkaching is a community that rewards members with cash for doing daily sponsored tasks ranging from companies product patronage to websites visit.
It is absolutely free to Join Cashkaching but you make even more money daily when you Playing Games and more paying features.

When you have upto 10000 in your wallet you can use it to buy Airtime, 10000 point will give you N1000. And your withdrawal will be processed and sent to your account between 30min-1 hours. 

Every task that is posted daily has been fully paid for by the company or individual who hosted or sponsored the task. Cashkaching Pay members part of the earnings gotten from such them .
Earn ₦1000 Free Airtime
Cashkaching gives free N200 airtime when you sign up. Also, when you refer a friend, you get free 1000 Point and the person referred gets N200 airtime, no need to download any App just register and start earning airtime and data.

How To Earn Free Airtime, Data And Money Using CashKaching

To join, simply Sign Up Here with your Name, phone number, and valid Email Address.

You can fast track the process by using our social media
login buttons.

Play your lucky numbers in our
various lotteries. CashKaChing offers various draw types, daily, weekly, monthly and other special draw types.
To play, select six numbers from a grid of available numbers for each of the games and play. 

Be the lucky winner Draws are drawn at random and only the winner is contacted via their email and on the website.

Check back everyday to try your luck and see if you are our next lucky winner.

Cashout your money
Winners can cash out their funds to any available online wallet.
How are winners selected?
At the expiration of every draw, a winner is automatically
picked from the pool of players.

The system is completely automatic and lucky numbers are completely randomized.

How Cashkaching Works

Everything you need to know about how to win the free draws and bonuses!

Let’s start with the basics.

Cashkaching Review:

How to Get Free Data With
Cashkaching Draws

You can participate in 3 levels of draws. Daily, weekly and monthly.
To play your draw, login to your dashboard and pick 6 numbers at random.

To qualify for the weekly draw, play 5 daily draws consecutively. Also, you have to play the weekly draws 3 times before you can enter for the monthly draws.

You win more money with monthly draws. Cash Prizes Available and How to Win.
Proof Video Free Airtime & Data Trick Cheat
1. N10,000 – Enter daily draw for a chance to win
2. N20,000 – Play daily draw 5 times to qualify for the weekly draw
3. N50,000 – Play the week draw 3 times to qualify for the monthly
4. N25,000 – Be among the first
10,000 users to qualify for the
founder’s draw Bonuses You accumulate extra bonuses for completing your profile and tasks like referring other users to join the draws using their referral link, completing surveys and
You also win bonus, when you earn badges for completing tasks.

(2). Jumia One


Jumia on going referral bonus that gives her customers and potential customers free offer up to NN5,000 in price.

Its called Jumia Refer and earn using the Jumia one app if you can remember Zoto, this just like Zoto did some years ago that users earned up to N50,000 from it as cashback. Jumia one app puts all Jumia services on one app, these include;
  • Jumia online Shop. 
  • Jumia Travels. 
  • Jumia Bills (data, Airtime, electricity, TV Subscription, and Vouchers).
  • Jumia Food.
  • Jumia Deals.
  • Jumia Party.
  • Jumia Jobs Sport Betting Buy Movie Tickets.
  • Jumia Social ( Tinder and Badoo) Read Trending Stories and lots more.
And you can also use the app to buy Data, Airtime, Tv, Electricity, Internet e.t.c. The app only supports countries like Nigeria and Egypt as for now maybe in nearest future more countries will be added.

Jumia One Referal How to get Up To N5000 per Referral

It's very easy, just follow the below steps.

=>> Download the Jumia One app - [Download Here].

=>> Install, open the Jumia one app and choose your country.

=>> Login or Register if you are a new user Under "recharge and pay" tap on Airtime.

=>> Choose your Operator, enter your mobile number and amount (you can enter #50 as amount).

=>> Tap on Proceed to Pay Enter your Card Details so as to pay from your Bank account. Your Card Details is 100% Safe.

=>> Complete payment and you will be given 25% Bonus of your recharge cash back depending on the amount.

=>> Now you can refer your friends to get N500 per referral

How To Get Your Jumia One Referral link?

» To get your jumia referral link to share after you've successfully registered.

» Tap on Account at the top right corner of the app

» Scroll down and tap on Invite Friends.

» Tap on "Send To Friends" button.

Now you can copy your Jumia one referral code or share directly on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media or directly to your friends and family by sms.
Proof of Jumia Earns 
Meanwhile you can get up to 20GB DATA BUNDLE for any network using this free data app by Clicking Here!!!

So what are you waiting for start sharing and earn a lot of money.

(1). GoMoney


GoMoney app is still under development at the time of this post but all necessary features has been integrated on the app but has not been launched officially.

Furthermore, GoMoney is an internet banking app designed to manage your business account better and stay on top finances.

In fact, It’s a bank!
There are a lot of underdeveloped features on GoMoney because the app is still on the “unreleased” state and they are: Spliting of bills between friends, sending money to loved ones using a link and you can schedule payment as well.

You can request money from anyone, send money to anyone, pay utility bills, cardless withdrawals, instant notifications, free transfers [go-to-go] and splitting of tabs and bills to ease costs.

Additionally, you can buy data or airtime for yourself from the app. It’s instantaneous and handy.


Their referral system is awesome. For every person you refer to GoMoney mobile app and if the person deposits N1,000 to the app, you will get N500.

The person can withdraw back his N1,000 but due to transaction charges, he or she will be able to withdraw back N992.
That means the referred person only paid up to N8 to activate his or her account.

For more clarification, assuming I refer you to GoMoney app and you deposited N1,000 to the app, I will get N500 for referring you. You can later withdraw it back.

If you refer 20 more people to the app, you will get a whopping N10,000.

Now what are you waiting for? let's get down to business.


=> First, Install GMoney Mobile App From Here and launch the app.
Next, enter your mobile number for registration and a code will be sent to you, verify the OTP code.

=> If the app is not responding to network kindly connect your vpn such as SkyVpn or StarkVpn and it will respond.

=> Once done, input your email address and accept all terms and conditions.
Fill the details and input REFERRAL CODE. Use this number 07068081379 as your referral code, as shown below:
=> Now, input other necessary details and choose your gender (male or female).

=> Once done, create a 4-digit unique code that will help you in every of your activities on the app, especially transactions.

=> You can now proceed to set security questions as you have successfully created a GoMoney account.


Yes, you can withdraw the money to your bank account by tapping on the “SEND MONEY” option, then choose your bank name and input your bank account transfer details for instant transfer.

There’s no other way to withdraw. Gomoney only supports Nigeria bank transfer method. Maybe other countries would be supported as time goes on.

You ccan also top up airtime our data with your balance on the gomoney app just click on services and then select your option and phone number.


To deposit money, simply tap on “FUND” button at the upper right side of the app. You can then choose to fund your GoMoney account from your bank or by using ATM card method.


On the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app, tap on “PROFILE” and choose the “INVITE FRIENDS” option and copy the referrals link to clipboard.

And the number you used in registering for GoMoney app is your referrals code. For example, this my number which is my referrals code 07068081379.

Kindly tell the person you are referring to input it while they are registering new account on Gomoney app.

Watch the below video for proof;
Withdrawal Proof on Gomoney App
NOTE: The deposited N1,000 is for your GoMoney account activation. You are free to withdraw it back so that you can start referring and earning as well.

These are the apps that let's you earn money airtime and data, if you any other app you can let's us know by using the comment section, also don't forget to share this post by using any of the below share buttons. 
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