10 Mar 2017

GOOGLE ADSENSE - How To Get Fast Approval And Also Verify Google AdSense PIN (Address)

It yet another article on this one we shall be talking about Website and blog owner's, having a website or blog is never a bad idea mostly if you have the passion and love for it then your in the right position to get into it. Many now sees it as means of making money, but we think not just that alone but also sharing your knowledge to the world. Now let see about the making of money part through a blog or website.
For Starters: You want to have a blog or website and then make money from it because it's very good where you do work you also earn, if your running a website or blog we guess you might have heard about Google Adsense if no then it a way of being a publisher and run ads on your blog or website, for you to serve Google Adsense Ads you will also get paid from them as being one of their publisher.

First you would want to sign up with Google AdSense  before attempting to apply for Google AdSense you should also know their Privacy policy  as it is very important you are familiar with it.

It very easy and simple for Google to approve your website or blog if only you keep to their rules, so don't have it in mind that you can trick Google AdSense teams. To get fast approval by Google AdSense you need "four" (4) major changes or thing on your blog or website which we shall be listing below.
  1. Domain Name
  2. Good Design 
  3. About us, Contact us and privacy policy page
  4. Original Materials 
These are the four major things you need before applying for Google Ads serving.

Now let see what exactly each of the above listed option do contains Domain name, Good design, About us, Contact us and Privacy policy page, Original articles. 
  • Domain Name: having a costume domain name will make Google approve your application you should know a website or blog with sub-domain name will not be approve although many talk about sub-domain name been approved by Google AdSense team how true is that?  That's by the way! It better you use a custom domain name. 
What's the difference between Custum domain name and a sub-domain name 

A custom domain name looks like this (E.gwww.yourname.com and while a sub-domain name looks like this (E.gwww.yourname.blogspot.com
  • Good Design: you should know website or blog without good design will not be approved google welcome website or blog with good design with easy navigation for your visitors to be able to access your website or blog as it is very useful you have a perfect design to make it very easy for you. 
  • About us, contact us and privacy policy: It very important that these things must be only your website or blog as you do know google will want to know what is your blog or website all about. It will also make them to see your website or blog as responsible and liable source. 
  • Original materials: This the hard side if it and this also what makes you a full blog owner or website owner if you can be able to write original article with meaningful words that your visitors can read and gain from then you have the approval. 
When talking about original content hope you do know because Google teams that partakes in the reviewing of Application at not robots huh. So do not even think of using copying and past content to apply as it will give you APPLICATION DISAPPROVED and guess what? you will not be happy to see this on your "Mail Box'.

You should also know website or blog with just images and videos will not be approved Google is more concerned about articles so put more interest on articles and it should be unique.
Copy and paste content such as Articles, Images, and Videos will not get you approve like we said earlier you can't trick Google teams.

So you have to use original articles for about 500 words and above mean while just ten (10) original articles original images and videos will do the work for Google AdSense to get your application approved. It very easy and simple if you want to know more about Google's Adsense Approval Then use the recommended link below.

RECOMMENDED: Simple Steps On How To Get Fast Approval By Google AdSense 

What Do I Do, I Already Have Copied Contents?
It simple and easy just draft all the copied content and keep or write the original content. You don't have to delete them.

All you have to do is make the changes and wait for about one month and resend application or if you have made the changes and your sure, you and want to wait for one months before resending your application then you can use another different mail to reapply.

Again let talk about Verification of address.
Verifying address is one of the task you will have to under go after been approved it just don't end there you will have to verify your address for you to be able to request for payment so it good when applying you use correct address.
Let take Example the USA if you have AdSense first you will get a notification saying:

Your payment are on hold because you have not yet verify your address.

Now you will have time to do the verification before reach the maximum pay out which is $100 after you have reached it and you have not yet verify your "PIN" you will receive another notification saying:
You have less than 1month to verify your PIN otherwise your ads units will stop displaying ads. 
Once it got to one month and your unable to verify your pin the display of ads will seize untill verification have been done.

Don't worry you still have time to do the verification.

Note: Once you have your pin and submit, it would take just 3hours and your ads will start displaying again.

Talking about country many would like to use USA as their country when applying as they felt it also leads to fast approve. Alright do you know after you got approved by Google AdSense you will have to verify your PIN with a 6-digit Number which will be post to the address you used when applying, and without you getting the pin numbers you can't be able to verify your address.

For those of you looking for a way to verify a UK, NIGERIA and United States (USA) AdSense account including (USA) "Tax" here comes the way out as you can now verify it with the help of a client very easy and simple.

Client only charges $15.93 that's about 5000naira in Nigeria Currency and be rest assured to get your PIN within the next 14Days.

If you're verifying USA, UK, NIGERIA or USA-Tax you have to pay for each that's to say $15.93 each.

How to Reach Client
You can reach client by:
TelePhone or WhatsApp+2348067078786 
Also on FaceBook: Akende Oluwaferanmi Michael 

Note: Client is trusted and he delivers if you have any question do use the comment box.

If your ready to run Google USA AdSense then connect with him for verification and he will get the job done for you. 

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