31 Aug 2019

Giveaway By Extreme Codez Play XCodez Game and Win Money or Airtime

Hello guys, we are very much glad to announce to our readerstweakersfollowersvisitorssubscribers from different countries including business partners associates the opening of the Extreme Codez XCodez Game.
XCodez Free Money GiveAway
This year was not that smooth for us but as the case maybe we are fit and capable by the grace of Almighty God. So we present to you the XCodez game starting from today.
Meanwhile, we are going to tell you about the XCodez game what it is, how to play and the rules guiding it, that's why you should always visit www.extremecodez.com for latest technology updates and exciting news.

There will be more exciting program coming up here on this site from next year and it called the "X Codez Game", this game will always go with gift and surprises to the winners so stay connected to us as we start and it will be more effective by next year 2019.

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Extreme Codez is a News Platform that centers on InfoSec, Cyber Crime, Privacy, Surveillance, Dark Web and Hacking News with full-scale reviews on Social Media Platforms and Technology trends.

Extreme Codez is an all-rounder in a tech field. We work hard to serve you first, and best of all and to satisfy your hunger for Technology. 

What Is XCodez?

We know you might be wondering and confused about the XCodez, well it simply means the loyal followers of this site.

Let's say the old readers, subscribers of this site, so feel free to subscribe to this site and always drop your comments and share our post to friends.

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What Is XCodez Game?

Well as the case maybe the XCodez game stands out to be a game for all followers of this site we are asking you some questions that gets to do either with this site or in the world of technology, so if you're interested in this game then always follow us and Comment on every post by doing so you stand the chance of winning amazing gift from us.

What Is My Gain Been Part Of The XCodez Game?

We know you would come to this question well your not just answering questions without getting nothing if we asked a question on each XCodez game the winner gets a gift.

What Do I Win?

You can win either money cash into your bank account, Airtime or data depending on your choice of getting the price.

What Is The Questions And How Many?

Like we said the questions will be from this site and on the technology world.

As for how many questions it would be not more than 5 some time 4, 3, 2 or even 1.

How Much Is Involved In The XCodez Game?

  1. The price is not less than N1500 and above so the lucky winner stands the chance to win N1500, N2000, N2500, N3000, N3500, N4000, N4500, N5000 it could even be N10,000 or even N20,000 or more depending on each game.
Also the game will always come up once every month so stay connected to Extreme Codez if you want to be a winner and get amazing gift price.

How Many Winners Will Get The Gift?

The XCodez game only give out price to the First and Second winner that answer all questions correctly.

How To Answer The XCodez Game Questions?

How to answer the questions use the comment box with your Google account. then type your answers at the comment box and click publish to submit.

Example On How To Submit Your Answers

1). A : ---
2). A : ---
3). A : ---
4). A : ---
5). A : ---

Followed by your Name, eMail Address and Phone Number at the bottom of your answer.

NOTE :- Your comment will be submitted to us according to the time, so the first two people to get the questions correctly wins the price.

The game will always start by √12am and ends by x7pm so once it starts keep your comments coming in.

Don't forget that we'll contact the two winners using the Name Email address and phone number you provided when dropping your answers.
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Copy the below link and Share on social media:

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  1. Ohhk this is definitely going to be very interesting.... As we know already this is the best tech site ever..... Can't wait for the take off of xcodez games.

    1. x-) Stay tuned it starts by 12am (k) so the winner will get something cool. Keep visiting and share. Comment always. cheer

  2. Replies
    1. :-d sorry the game will start by 12am with the post that has the questions there is where we need your name email address and phone number with your answers to the questions... So stay tuned and don't forget to tick å the notify box when dropping your comments (c) to get notified when we reply your comment. cheer

    2. One more question, how will u be sending the questions, Is it via a new post?

  3. Replies
    1. ;(( sure you can be a winner just answer the questions correctly and make sure you be the first to comment when the post is been dropped because the first two people with the correct answers wins the =p~ gift money or airtime. :-#

    2. Oh, OK. please delete the previous comment. I now see it's via new post.

  4. Can't wait wait to start the xcodez game

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