25 Jun 2019

MMM Ponzi Scheme Finally Returns, Promises Upto %50 Rewards And More

MMM Nigeria, ponzi schemes operating back then in the country, finally returned back with a huge promise to be completely better.
Back in 09 April 2018 following the death of Sergei Mavrodi, its founder, the scheme notified participants of shutdown of activities.

This was displayed to the shock of many investors who eventually lost all invested money on the ponzi scheme: 
After much deliberation, we have made the conclusion that continuing the system operation, without our leader and ideological inspirer, is impossible and makes no sense.
Back then, with the inspiration of their leader, 30% of all invested cash plus the invested sum of money was promised.

Few months later after that disappointing exit, the scheme has re-launched globally “to make Mavrodi’s legacy worthwhile” with a 50% return this time.

“Like sunrise in the morning , MMM Cooperation set the pace on the 22nd of January 2019 all over the world.

“From negligence by many to fear of unknown by prospective participants at the beginning; we are were we are today being most populous platform all over the world with six million participants all in space of four months,” a message on its website read.
One of the coordinators according to the News Agency of Nigeria who gave his name as Guider Tee on Twitter, said the new version of the scheme is better than before. 
Great News.. MMM is back and better! What we have all been waiting for is back supporting over 170 local different countries and is peer to peer re-launched January 2019. Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH) Now!
The operation of the new ponzi sheme doesn't deviate from the former. With the money you are willing to invest, signup through their portal and wait 30 days for it to grow 50% more.

Previous participants decried their fate at investing on the platform, is the renewed MMM any difference?
Ponzi schemes must collapse and that is a matter of when, not whether it will.

These schemes basically rely on new contributions to pay existing contributors and cannot continue attracting new contributions forever in the rate and speed to cover the returns to be paid within the limited time.

The start of the scheme is always the only blooming days in a ponzi scheme's lifespan. Then, there are more investors inwhich their contribution is enough to pay the neccesarry returns to the former ones.

After some time, when investors might have been much and the rate of contribution decreases(as older ones would be waiting to get their returns), the scheme goes mute.

Don't forget back November 2016 CBN fight against MMM to be shutdown which they advise participants to stay away from the ponzi scheme.

Do you strongly think or believe that people can go back into it despite the fact that so many people list huge amount of cash on it. 
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24 Jun 2019

MTN New Data Plans Get 2GB For N1200, 1.5GB For N1000 and More

Hello guys, after Mtn Revised their Night data plans offer few weeks ago, now they have also silently revised their data plans for 2019.
These changes will definitely below up your mind because you can now get 2gb for as low as N1200. Wow! sounds so good to be true but yes it so much true.
We all know might to be the King of network coverage when it comes to network strength, in fact this is the reason why MTN has more users than any other network in the country.

Don't forget that we've also dropped a post on MTN 1GB for N200 and how to become eligible and subscribe to it, we if you may ask us, the MTN 1gb for N200 is still more better and economic than the recent revised data plans.
Thats by the way, let's get back to today's topic.

If you have been expecting even more cheaper data plans especially from MTN, now you have it. 

You can now enjoy a complete 1.5GB for N1,000 instead of the 1GB + 500MB (bonus data, which can only be used between 1am-7am).

With N1,200, you can now get a whooping 2GB data valid for whole 30days. 

The bonus data which can be used between 1am to 7am has been merged to the normal data.

MTN took to their social media handles to announce this offer. According to MTN;
We’re now offering new and revamped data prices where you get more data for the same price!
Dial *131# or visit www.mymtn.com.ng to choose a data plan that best suits your needs
More data for less #JustForYou.
So what are you waiting for kindly subscribe to this plan by using the below USSD codes;

How To Subscribe To MTN New Data Plans 2GB For N1200, 1.5GB For N1000 and More

Use the old USSD codes.

Simply dial *131*1*3# or *131*1#.

And then choose your preferred plan.

Don't forget to share this post to friends, you can still go for the MTN 1GB for N200 it way better. 
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Download Winning Eleven 2019 WE 19 Game APK and OBB For Android

Gamers who love football should get ready to welcome, the Winning Eleven 2019 (WE 19 soccer) game is here with awesome features developed by founders KONAMI.
The official Winning Eleven 2019 by Konami is here with amazing new graphics and features. Winning Eleven 2019 is a very addictive football soccer game simulation loved and played by millions of people.
The winning Eleven 2019 has been updated to match the start of the 2018-2019 season! There's also been a big overhaul to the game's sound and visuals and many more. You will find the link to download the official Winning Eleven 2019 right in this post.

What’s New in Winning Eleven APK Renewed licenses

  1. – Team, player and manager data will be updated to match the start of the 2012-19 season.
  2. – Some players portraits will change to photographs.
New Features Added
  1. – Register friends and play online matches against them.
Big improvements to matches
  1. – Play the tutorials using the Classic controls.
  2. – Switch the manager’s Tactics between offensive and defensive during matches.
  3. – Adjustments to match balance.
  4. – Updates to the in-match display (HUD). 
Graphics are the Key Model, facial expressions of the players the small hand gestures to the crowd to the state him to the way how the players move it is just really incredible and just feels real.


New features: There are some newly added features to aid your gaming experience like the Chip Shot and Controlled Shot.

Multiplayer: You can now play and enjoy heated matches against your friends whenever and wherever you want.

Legendary players: You can now play using legendary players like David BECKHAM and many more.

Tutorials: you can now play the tutorials using the Classic controls.

Manager's Tactics: You can now switch between defensive and offensive manager's Tactics during matches.

Full Mobile Experience: Take total control of every action on the field in a way that only the winning eleven Soccer franchise can deliver! Natural player movements, precision passing, and in-depth tactics bring the true experience of the beautiful game to your mobile device!

Swipe to Pass, tap to Shoot: Controller actions have been optimized to make playing on your mobile device feel as smooth and exciting as a Winning Eleven 2012 APK action game should! Utilize PES "Advanced" controls for precise passing and controlled shooting. "Classic" virtual pad controls are also available.

Master your technique and feel the excitement of scoring the winning goal in the ultimate action soccer game!

Build Your Winning Eleven 2019 Team: Acquire players through Scouts, Agents, or the Scout Auction on Eleven 2019 App.
Choose the best players to fit your unique tactics. Every player is unique and every match is a new experience! Create your very own team and play right away!

The Official "UEFA Champions League" Included: Experience official visuals from the "UEFA Champions League" as you compete against the top teams in Europe.

Game Languages: “Winning Eleven 2019” will show if you select Japanese in the language settings of the Winning Eleven 2019 application. While if you select a language other than Japanese, will be displayed.

  • Android Device 
  • At least 1GB RAM / 2GB RAM and above. 
  • More CPU clocked at 1.2GHz or higher.
  • Mali, PowerVR or Adreno GPU Android 5.0 or higher .
  • Free internal storage space of 2GB 
  • Android 4.4 and above.
Note that the game won't play if your device is below 4.4 KitKat OS version. You need above 4.4 Kitkat Android version and at least 1GB/2GB RAM to play the game smoothly.


    • Name: Winning Eleven 2019
    • Version: PlayStation 
    • Genre: Sports
    • Developers: Konami
    • Game Size: (Apk 20MB)  (Data 165MB)
    • OS: Android 4.4 and above.



    1. First the Winning Eleven 2019 game you just downloaded from the link above. 
    2. Make sure you have extra space on your smartphone before extracting the file. 
    3. Next, extract the zip file using ESFile Explorer or ZAchiever app. 
    4. It will start extracting the file till 100%. 
    5. Next, open the extracted folder and copy the File to Device Memory Android / Obb /.
    6. Now, open the apk you installed. 
    After downloading and installed open game, and the game will start running enjoy your game if you have any problems while trying to run this game kindly drop your comment so that we can help you out.
    Installation Guidelines 
    If you successfully run it do well to let us know.

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    How To Easily Get Instagram Account Verified And Get The Blue Tick

    Hello guys, Instagram is unarguably one of the most popular social networks in the world, being used by individuals, celebrities, public figures and brands.
    The Instagram verification is majorly used to differentiate real accounts from fake, but it is now also used to seperate the “SlayQueens and the kings” from others.

    This blue tick beside the name of verified IG users is something that is envied by so many people. 
    The good news now is that you don't need to be a super-star before having your Instagram account verified anymore, as the verification feature is now available for everyone.

    In this post, you learn how to request for verification on Instagram and get the blue tick next to your username.

    How To Easily Get Instagram Account Verified And Get The Blue Tick

    1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to Settings.
    2. Scroll down and tap Request Verification.
    3. Input your account name, full name, and upload a photo of your ID or a legal or business ID. 
    4. This may be your National ID card, voter’s card, International passport, driver’s license or any government issued identity card. 
    5. Click the SEND button.
    Requesting for verification does not mean that you will get verified as Instagram would have to review your request and then decide whether or not to verify you. 

    Also, there is no timeline as to when they would reply or answer the request too.

    Other tips to get the Instagram verification quick is to use a good profile picture, well written bio, and mostly importantly: being very active on the platform.
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    19 Jun 2019

    New Glo Special Data Plan Get 1GB Data For Just N300 and 2GB For N500

    Globacom grand master of data finally put out something suitable for all subscribers. after the ending of their 1GB for N200 data bundle.
    Glo decided to bring it back. However, the data volume remain the same but the price increased a bit while the validity shortened down.

    Although we also have cheap data plan like the MTN winback 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000, so with this we think you have another option to choose from.
    Alright back to today's topic, Glo N300 for 1GB data bundle was silently launched without adverts and news. trust us we are always here to give you the latest cheap data and free browsing that's why we arw letting you know about this Glo data plan.

    The data is a normal data bundle that can be used to browse, stream, play online games and watch YouTube videos, play music and download heavily but note that it valid for just one 1 day.

    if your the game lover type you can also use this 1GB to download game like Amazing spider man 2 450MB, God Of War 4 150MB, and Real Resident Evil 4 150MB. Wow! Amazing right? Yeah!

    How To Activate Glo Special Data Plan 1GB For Just N300

    => Dial *777#. Then reply with 1 > then 1 > then 5 > then 1 > then 1.

    => Data is valid for 1 day

    => Dial *127*0# to check data balance.

    That's all.

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    18 Jun 2019

    How To Download YouTube Videos To 3gp Format Low Quality And Data

    Downloading YouTube videos to 3gp is now a difficult task for us due to the update on the video format most times you want to download YouTube videos you just can't because the data is too high.
    Well you can only get that on mp4 formats but with 3gp format you can download YouTube videos low quality and data.

    What is Mp4 — MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. Like most modern container formats, it allows streaming over the Internet.
    What is 3gp — 3GP (3GPP file format) is a multimedia container format defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for 3G UMTS multimedia services. It is used on 3G mobile phones but can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones.

    This two formats ate two different type. The mp4 is made for high quality videos and requires big data, while the 3gp format is made for low quality videos and requires less data. For example mp4 video might be 100mb while the same video on 3gp might be 50mb hope you understand the differences between both formats.

    Browser is one of the most fastest internet browsers that lets you surf favourite pages on the web.

    The browser is widely known for its fast downloading features, many internet user love the uc browser due to it's speed when downloading any file.
    Sometime last year the almighty uc browser was removed from Google play store due to policy violent, according to the report made, the developers fixed the issue and it later returned back to the playstore.

    Apart from using this method we are about to show you, there is another YouTube app which you can easily use to download any YouTube videos with just a single click and the videos can be downloaded in any format such as; mp3, mp4, HD and so on, you can even download the video in a music format. You would love to check it out, then kindly use VidMate Downloader For Android - The Best YouTube Downloader.

    Today, we have an easy guide on how you can leverage the data-saving Uc browser application to download any videos online without installing a third party downloader on mobile.

    How To Download YouTube Videos To 3gp Format Low Quality And Data [%100 Working]

    1. If you have UC browser and you are looking for how to download movies directing from the uc browser or any other browser, here are some steps to easily do that;
    2. Launch your UC browser application (Recommended) on Android, iOs or Windows.
    3. Open YouTube app search for the video copy the link of the video.
    4. Now, let’s assume you want to download this video on YouTube URL – www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2DJZ-z7shg – All you need to do is go to “www.genyt.net” on your uc browser or any other browser.
    5. Once, the site loads up at the top right corner you will see the search box now pate in the YouTube URL or type in the name of the video and click the search go. 
    6. You will see the video click on it and it will take you to the page where you can choose your desired video format.
    Now you can choose your desired video format and click on the download.
    That’s all for now, if you have issues on how to download YouTube movies using this method, kindly let us know by using the comment box. 
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    17 Jun 2019

    MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using 24Clan VPN Pro

    Hello guys, we are here again to introduce to you another new vpn that helps you browse free using your mtn sim without data.
    This app was first mentioned by one of our member on our Telegram Group which we all use in browsing free.

    Thanks to him for bringing it to our notice so you all can now enjoy your mtn free browsing using this vpn and it called "24Clan Vpn Pro".

    Many of our readers are using the MTN 0.0kb cheat with the help of configuration files for Sparkvpn eproxy, Linux, MegaSsh, Xp xp psiphon, KPNtunnel Rev, HTTP injector and now 24 Clan Vpn pro.
    We have seen many cheap data past months from different network providers like the Glo 5.2 for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 also the Airtel 4.6GB for N200 nothing yet from 9mobile we hope they are not going to end this year without something good.

    There are other reasons though, some of the tech geeks who crack these cheats do such for fun - probably trying to exercise their skills. Others love seeing these telecom companies anxious of their technologies. These sums up why free browsing techniques keep on emerging after some time.

    Aside from free browsing, we have enjoyable bundles officially given out by telcos as incentives to it's customers. One of such is the MTN double data and it's awoof counterpart.

    All the methods(in the course of incoming updates) listed for all the cheats pertaining to MTN free browsing are solely from individuals who deem it right to share it publicly. If necessity arise to give credit to the owners, such would be done without hesitation.

    One popular free browsing on the MTN network buzzing currently is the 'MTN 0.0kb 24clan VPN Pro Free Browsing' which allows for an unlimited free browsing. 

    =>> An Android Smartphone
    =>> An MTN SIM with Mtn YouTube plan data.
    =>> Strong 3G network
    =>> 24Clan VPN pro - (Download Here).
    =>> Use the default MTN APN settings as it is.
    NOTE: These plans ain't unlimited. it is capped. Son don't get it twisted when the app disconnects that means you have use the mbs for the day.
    MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using 24Clan VPN Pro

    =>> You might have downloaded and install 24Clan vpn pro from the above link.

    =>> Open the app on the main page, at the second box select any of the Mobile New MTN Ng 0.0kb free server (recommended)  New MTN Ng 0.0kb free Sever 3.
    =>> just click on the icon located at the bottom corner Connect Button and it will connect within few seconds.

    =>> Enjoy your MTN Free browsing using 24Clan VPN pro without disconnections, config file, and SSH details.

    Watch our video for easy settings;
    Settings Guidelines 
    That's all. 
    You want to get latest updates on free browsing cheats, free airtime and free data? If yes kindly download our app from play store and join our telegram group using the below links. 
    Don't forget to share this post if encounter any difficulties with this VPN kindly drop your comment.

    If this also helpful kindly leave your comment below by using the comment box. Keep visiting Extreme Codez for latest update on free browsing and more...

    Warning ⚠ 
    This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge, we only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 
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    16 Jun 2019

    Top 3 New Ppsspp Psp Games 2019 High Graphics Best Games For Android

    Hello guys, playing games is one of the thing that keep us busy most especially when we have nothing doing, back then it very difficult to play video games due to the requirements attached to it.
    For example you will need a game console, you will need a television set and also electricity, you see the process then was not easy but thanks to technology for making it very easy now.

    With your android smartphone you can play almost all PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Sega and even micro junior games.
    By just opening some games website or Google Playstore you’ll find so many games that you might be so confused on which one to choose and sometimes some of these games are hidden, you can’t sincerely find them just by searching the store, as there are many categories of games on Google playstore like arcade, action, sports, simulation, adventure, racing, slots/casino, yea you can actually play online slots game on your smartphone.
    The games are currently available on all major gaming consoles like the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

    So if you are confused about the game to choose from we have some good games that will be listed below, without a doubt discover some great video games to download and play on your free time.

    Top 3 New Ppsspp Psp Games 2019 High Graphics Best Games For Android

    3). Soul Calibur Broken Destiny — The Soul Calibur game has a high graphics and wonderful fighting styles.

    Despite these omissions, we would still recommend the game. Not only does it look brilliant but for those who have never played Soul Calibur Broken Destiny serves as an excellent introduction to the series.

    For veterans, this is a very faithful handheld version. we would say that those who own Soul Calibur IV may prefer to rent this unless they really want to be able to play Soul Calibur on the go.

    The game also features a special character "Kratos" of (God Of War) the game is way awesome, with much fighting styles, finishing moves with lots of "combos" one thing about this game is that you can give your opponent a brutality finishing by pressing the (L1) once your power up is full.

    it is outstanding, from gameplay to graphics and the controls all are top rated, lot of fighting styles. Average rating: 4.4 » Download game from here.
    2). Miami Vice — The Miami Vice game has been inspired by the movie. In this game, you are a man that deals on drugs just like scar face.

    Miami vice is a third person shooter action game with lots of fun and action and with very good graphics and Gameplay. The game published by Vivendi Games released on July 23, 2006 for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

    The game is pretty cool for those who love shooting, you would love this game because it has a lot of cool weapons and also shooting styles we bet you on this you wouldn't regret playing this game.

    Good gameplay, the controls and graphics are very much better. Average rating: 4.4 » Download game from here.
    1). ​Tenchu Shadow Assassins Amazing  — contains hundreds of features obtainable with this game. The game serves a absolute full "HD" user interface.

    Tenchu Shadow Assassins brings you back to the world of Feudal Japan to master the deadly skills of a real ninja the game is strictly hand fighting and sword with some silent kill with this game you will experience the real ninja turtles.

    Continue the saga of Rikimaru, elite ninjas, who will utilize new skills and weapons to keep the peace in Feudal Japan and defend the lands of the Gods.

    In this game, you can take control of either the stealthy and silent Rikimaru, or the aggressive and acrobatic Ayame and use their lethal skills to unmask the face of the enemy behind a treacherous kidnapping.

    If finish the game you have a lot of characters to select and play with all the characters in the game have their different fighting skills. With weapons such as; Blow Gun, Dokuto, Fugaku, Grenade, Izayoi, Kodachi, Kunai, Mahime, Muramasa, Ninjato, Shichishito, Shida Ninja, Shuriken, Super-shuriken, Swords and Tetsubishi.

    Good gameplay, the controls and graphics are very much better.
    Average Rating: 4.5 » Download game from here.

    To enjoy smooth game play make sure you have device of 1GB RAM and above.

    You can watch our YouTube video for game play and graphic;
    That's all
    The games listed above is what you really need to pass time when less busy.
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    15 Jun 2019

    9mobile 9x Bonus Offer, Get 900% Bonus on Every Recharge

    9mobile know as Etisalat recently released a new recharge bonus offer which proposes to give all it's subscribers a whooping 9x 900% recharge bonus!
    When you recharge you get 900% bonus offer on recharges from N200 and above. It is a newly launched offer that gives subscribers 9 times bonus of their recharges.

    However, if you recharge N200, you get N1800 to make calls to every network. Meaning you are getting 9x extra values of what you recharged.
    Though, if you are unable to recharge up to N200, you will get 4x bonus airtime for N100 recharge.

    You know how such an offer can personally serve your purpose? 
    According to the telecom's vice president, Adebisi Idowu; 
    It is a way of giving more to customers and expressing the value 9mobile places on customers and what they spend on the network. 
    The 9x Offer further reaffirms the telco as a caring brand that always seeks the best for its customers.
    The bonus is more pleasing to users who call more than browsing; With N200 airtime, you get 9x of it which is N1,800!

    However, if you can't afford to singly recharge that much, you aren't left incovered in this bonus as a recharge of N100 gives users a 4x recharge bonus.

    How to activate the 9mobile 9x recharge bonus

    The bonus is automatically obtainable for new users on the 9mobile network, you just need to buy a 9mobile SIM then after registration recharge to the required value and you would get you bonus immediately!

    This is unfortunately not so for existing subscribers as they have to dial *611*20# to opt in to this offer.

    It's as simple as that! 
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