20 Aug 2019

New MTN Ghana Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Using AnonyTun VPN

Ghanaians can now enjoy unlimited browsing on MTN network. After the last free browsing on airtel GH 2017 last year no other free browsing for Ghana but the good news is that MTN GH has a loophole which you can enjoy unlimited free browsing 2019.
This latest cheat works pretty good it works on Android device you can use it to browse, stream videos including YouTube videos, download infact it powers all app.

Like we said their is loophole on the Ghana MTN network with a particular proxy server you can browse unlimitedly in case your wondering what is the meaning of proxy server let quickly give you the shot definition of it.


A proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.

This Vpn is fast and very stable compared to other Vpn, that's why you should also give it a try. With AnonyTun vpn be rest assure to enjoy the free browsing cheat.

So let us just be brief and quickly give you the procedure on how to get this trick working on your android device.


• Unlimited servers
• It totally free.
• Auto reconnects.
• It's fast and stable.
• It has a very simple user interface.

So kindly roll down to get the full settings.

MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat Settings Via AnonyTun VPN

  • An Android phone
  • No data or credit 
  • MTN sim
  • 3G network 
  • Use the network default APN
  • AnonyTun VPN
Next, you have to Download the latest AnonyTun on Playstore from here. Or from another source by clicking here.

• After downloading AnonyTun VPN, open it.

•  Tap on Stealth Settings

• Toggle ON Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF

• Set Connection Protocol to TCP

• Connection Port: 80 or 443

• Toggle on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

• Url/ Host: mtnhoods.com

• Request method: GET

• Injection method: Normal

✓ Keep-Alive
✓ Online Host
✓ User-Agent

Now tap the Generate button to save your settings.

Choose any region and click on Connect. within few seconds it will be connected.

Once it connect you will see the key symbol at the top of your screen, now minimize and start browsing and downloading.
Don't forget to share this post if encounter any difficulties with this VPN kindly drop your comment.
Warning ⚠ 
This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge, we only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 
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17 Aug 2019

YouTube Premium Users Can Now Download Videos In 1080p Quality

Hello guys, YouTube is a widely known video-sharing website. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos.
Available content includes video clips, TV show clips, Music Videos, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

YouTube has some amazing news for you all. Regular and YouTube Premium customers can binge-watch with 1080p offline.

Long ago, YouTube created ease for its users by enabling the “Download” option. If you are in a place out of Wi-Fi or 4G, or if you are sitting in a plane for a flight of more than 14 hours, you can download movies, plays or other videos from YouTube easily. YouTube provides the best solution to kill time.

1080p Available Now
Watching a movie with 720p on a large screen (like Smart TVs) was more of displeasure than a state of comfort and satisfaction.

Thereafter, it turns out to be a headache as it did not offer an HD view. The pixels are disturbed, and the image is not clear.

YouTube has found a solution for its valuable audience. Till now, the maximum limit is 720p. Google confirmed that 1080p is now available for both, Android and iOS users.

YouTube Premium 
YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) is a paid streaming subscription service that provides advertising-free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube, exclusive original content produced in collaboration with the site's creators, access to audio-only versions of videos on the YouTube Music app, as well as offline playback and playback of videos on mobile devices.

How To Sign Up For Youtube Premium 

Signing up for YouTube Premium is as easy as can be, and to get started, here's what you need to do.

Open the YouTube app and tap the profile icon at the very top right.
Tap on Get YouTube Premium.
Tap Try It Free.

After selecting your payment method and completing the transaction, you'll then see a splash screen welcoming you to YouTube Premium. Tap the red Let's Go button, and you'll see that your subscription is now live thanks to the Premium tag at the upper-left corner of the app.

Now, start exploring
If you made it to this part of the article, that means you're now a YouTube Premium subscriber! Google's currently giving all new members a 3-month free trial of the service, so you won't be charged that $12/month fee until your first three months are up.

Now, stop reading this and start enjoying all of the benefits that come with your YouTube Premium subscription!

YouTube Premium allows watching original YouTube plays and movies. This feature is restricted to YouTube Premium customers only. Watching 1080p offline videos is a treat for those who pay approximately $12 per month for a Premium subscription.

The upgrade to 1080p is being reported by both iOS and Android users, but the rollout is happening very slowly.

It could, therefore, be a while before the option appears for everyone, but with the huge amount of extra data downloading such an option requires, it makes sense for Google to be cautious.
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15 Aug 2019

Top 3 Best Apps To Earn Free Money, Airtime And Data For Android

Hello guys, It's the middle month of 2019 and making money is one of the things we all have in mind, today we have decided to bring you Three of the most rewarding apps into 2019, these two apps are no other apps but "Cashkaching", "Jumia one" and "Gomoney".
We all know that they are many cash rewarding apps available for Android and some iOS users, that gives you free airtime free money and free data without any Much stress.

We have seen different type of apps that gives free money airtime and data pass years such as Jumia One App, CashkachingOpera NewsZotoGeoPollTopUp Africa and Mcent Browser that gives you free airtime credit without any stress.
Recall when GeoPoll app was first introduced, we shared a post of how we got over N15,000 worth of airtime in referrals bonus and some readers of this Site confirmed they got free airtime ranging from N5000 to N15, 000.

You can watch the below video for top 3 apps to earn free money, airtime and data;
So, in today's post we are going to see how to earn free money and airtime credit using these two apps so let's get started!
(3). Cashkaching


Cashkaching is a community that rewards members with cash for doing daily sponsored tasks ranging from companies product patronage to websites visit.
It is absolutely free to Join Cashkaching but you make even more money daily when you Playing Games and more paying features.

When you have upto 10000 in your wallet you can use it to buy Airtime, 10000 point will give you N1000. And your withdrawal will be processed and sent to your account between 30min-1 hours. 

Every task that is posted daily has been fully paid for by the company or individual who hosted or sponsored the task. Cashkaching Pay members part of the earnings gotten from such them .
Earn ₦1000 Free Airtime
Cashkaching gives free N200 airtime when you sign up. Also, when you refer a friend, you get free 1000 Point and the person referred gets N200 airtime, no need to download any App just register and start earning airtime and data.

How To Earn Free Airtime, Data And Money Using CashKaching

To join, simply Sign Up Here with your Name, phone number, and valid Email Address.

You can fast track the process by using our social media
login buttons.

Play your lucky numbers in our
various lotteries. CashKaChing offers various draw types, daily, weekly, monthly and other special draw types.
To play, select six numbers from a grid of available numbers for each of the games and play. 

Be the lucky winner Draws are drawn at random and only the winner is contacted via their email and on the website.

Check back everyday to try your luck and see if you are our next lucky winner.

Cashout your money
Winners can cash out their funds to any available online wallet.
How are winners selected?
At the expiration of every draw, a winner is automatically
picked from the pool of players.

The system is completely automatic and lucky numbers are completely randomized.

How Cashkaching Works

Everything you need to know about how to win the free draws and bonuses!

Let’s start with the basics.

Cashkaching Review:

How to Get Free Data With
Cashkaching Draws

You can participate in 3 levels of draws. Daily, weekly and monthly.
To play your draw, login to your dashboard and pick 6 numbers at random.

To qualify for the weekly draw, play 5 daily draws consecutively. Also, you have to play the weekly draws 3 times before you can enter for the monthly draws.

You win more money with monthly draws. Cash Prizes Available and How to Win.
Proof Video Free Airtime & Data Trick Cheat
1. N10,000 – Enter daily draw for a chance to win
2. N20,000 – Play daily draw 5 times to qualify for the weekly draw
3. N50,000 – Play the week draw 3 times to qualify for the monthly
4. N25,000 – Be among the first
10,000 users to qualify for the
founder’s draw Bonuses You accumulate extra bonuses for completing your profile and tasks like referring other users to join the draws using their referral link, completing surveys and
You also win bonus, when you earn badges for completing tasks.

(2). Jumia One


Jumia on going referral bonus that gives her customers and potential customers free offer up to NN5,000 in price.

Its called Jumia Refer and earn using the Jumia one app if you can remember Zoto, this just like Zoto did some years ago that users earned up to N50,000 from it as cashback. Jumia one app puts all Jumia services on one app, these include;
  • Jumia online Shop. 
  • Jumia Travels. 
  • Jumia Bills (data, Airtime, electricity, TV Subscription, and Vouchers).
  • Jumia Food.
  • Jumia Deals.
  • Jumia Party.
  • Jumia Jobs Sport Betting Buy Movie Tickets.
  • Jumia Social ( Tinder and Badoo) Read Trending Stories and lots more.
And you can also use the app to buy Data, Airtime, Tv, Electricity, Internet e.t.c. The app only supports countries like Nigeria and Egypt as for now maybe in nearest future more countries will be added.

Jumia One Referal How to get Up To N5000 per Referral

It's very easy, just follow the below steps.

=>> Download the Jumia One app - [Download Here].

=>> Install, open the Jumia one app and choose your country.

=>> Login or Register if you are a new user Under "recharge and pay" tap on Airtime.

=>> Choose your Operator, enter your mobile number and amount (you can enter #50 as amount).

=>> Tap on Proceed to Pay Enter your Card Details so as to pay from your Bank account. Your Card Details is 100% Safe.

=>> Complete payment and you will be given 25% Bonus of your recharge cash back depending on the amount.

=>> Now you can refer your friends to get N500 per referral

How To Get Your Jumia One Referral link?

» To get your jumia referral link to share after you've successfully registered.

» Tap on Account at the top right corner of the app

» Scroll down and tap on Invite Friends.

» Tap on "Send To Friends" button.

Now you can copy your Jumia one referral code or share directly on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media or directly to your friends and family by sms.
Proof of Jumia Earns 
Meanwhile you can get up to 20GB DATA BUNDLE for any network using this free data app by Clicking Here!!!

So what are you waiting for start sharing and earn a lot of money.

(1). GoMoney


GoMoney app is still under development at the time of this post but all necessary features has been integrated on the app but has not been launched officially.

Furthermore, GoMoney is an internet banking app designed to manage your business account better and stay on top finances.

In fact, It’s a bank!
There are a lot of underdeveloped features on GoMoney because the app is still on the “unreleased” state and they are: Spliting of bills between friends, sending money to loved ones using a link and you can schedule payment as well.

You can request money from anyone, send money to anyone, pay utility bills, cardless withdrawals, instant notifications, free transfers [go-to-go] and splitting of tabs and bills to ease costs.

Additionally, you can buy data or airtime for yourself from the app. It’s instantaneous and handy.


Their referral system is awesome. For every person you refer to GoMoney mobile app and if the person deposits N1,000 to the app, you will get N500.

The person can withdraw back his N1,000 but due to transaction charges, he or she will be able to withdraw back N992.
That means the referred person only paid up to N8 to activate his or her account.

For more clarification, assuming I refer you to GoMoney app and you deposited N1,000 to the app, I will get N500 for referring you. You can later withdraw it back.

If you refer 20 more people to the app, you will get a whopping N10,000.

Now what are you waiting for? let's get down to business.


=> First, Install GMoney Mobile App From Here and launch the app.
Next, enter your mobile number for registration and a code will be sent to you, verify the OTP code.

=> If the app is not responding to network kindly connect your vpn such as SkyVpn or StarkVpn and it will respond.

=> Once done, input your email address and accept all terms and conditions.
Fill the details and input REFERRAL CODE. Use this number 07068081379 as your referral code, as shown below:
=> Now, input other necessary details and choose your gender (male or female).

=> Once done, create a 4-digit unique code that will help you in every of your activities on the app, especially transactions.

=> You can now proceed to set security questions as you have successfully created a GoMoney account.


Yes, you can withdraw the money to your bank account by tapping on the “SEND MONEY” option, then choose your bank name and input your bank account transfer details for instant transfer.

There’s no other way to withdraw. Gomoney only supports Nigeria bank transfer method. Maybe other countries would be supported as time goes on.

You ccan also top up airtime our data with your balance on the gomoney app just click on services and then select your option and phone number.


To deposit money, simply tap on “FUND” button at the upper right side of the app. You can then choose to fund your GoMoney account from your bank or by using ATM card method.


On the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app, tap on “PROFILE” and choose the “INVITE FRIENDS” option and copy the referrals link to clipboard.

And the number you used in registering for GoMoney app is your referrals code. For example, this my number which is my referrals code 07068081379.

Kindly tell the person you are referring to input it while they are registering new account on Gomoney app.

Watch the below video for proof;
Withdrawal Proof on Gomoney App
NOTE: The deposited N1,000 is for your GoMoney account activation. You are free to withdraw it back so that you can start referring and earning as well.

These are the apps that let's you earn money airtime and data, if you any other app you can let's us know by using the comment section, also don't forget to share this post by using any of the below share buttons. 
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14 Aug 2019

WhatsApp Brings Fingerprint Unlock Feature To Android Beta

WhatsApp has finally brought the fingerprint lock feature to Android beta users 6 months after it launched the feature for iOS users.
Users will also decide if they want their device to lock as soon as they closes it or wait for  30 seconds or 1 minute. Users will decide for themselves the one that suites them more.

This old, sorry, new feature is available on WhatsApp beta version 2.19.221 for Android but disabled by default. To enable it, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

Once enabled, this feature will add an extra layer of protection to users chat in the WhatsApp app.

The once of the device will be the only person to access his or her chats. The feature also gives users a 'show content in notifications' option which allow users to decide if they want to show or hide message and sender preview when the fingerprint lock is enabled.

WABetaInfo who first spotted the feature says that Android users should worry about privacy and data related issues since WhatsApp itsef doesn't have access to users fingerprint data.

The Android system manages the authentication process for WhatsApp which uses Android official APIs.

"We can say that its safe for your privacy to enable the Fingerptin lock feature because WhatsApp, as any other app cannot have access to your fingerprint data: the authentication process is amanaged by the Android system: WhatsApp uses official Android APIs, so no information is sent to WatsApp/Facebook Server," WABetainfo Said.

WhatsApp most times is very slow in implementing new features. This fingerprint unlock feature was first seen in WhatsApp 2.19.3 beta version for Android in January this year but was disabled at that time. We've gotten to the second half of the year before WhatsApp has decided to enable the feature for testing.

The Dark mode feature which is currently being tested might be released in the fourth quarter of the year. That is, if it eventually gets released.

For now, any Android user can download the WhatsApp beta app directly from Google Play Beta Programme or from APK Mirror.

If you install the app and you don't see the feature right away. try re-installing again because it might be server based.
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11 Aug 2019

How To Check Your MTN Sim Card Registration Status Using USSD Code

MTN recently asked subscribers to re-register their SIM cards to avoid being blocked.
We post about this news few days ago. However, the registration is said to be an update but it requires subscribers to go through a fresh registration.

This was the message sent by MTN:
“Y’ello! Kindly visit any MTN store with a valid government approved ID. Your SIM details need to be updated before August 19th. Dial *123*7*1# for the nearest store.”
The subscribers are advised to re-register their SIM cards by August, 19, 2019 to avoid being blocked from the network.

According to a news report, an official of MTN claimed that the fresh registration is as a result of a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

MTN has been giving up to ₦10,000 worth of airtime to subscribers that complete the re-registration process you can as well read full details by visiting this post here.

On this post we are going to teach you a very simple step on how to check your sim Registration status.

How To Check Your MTN Sim Card Registration Status Using USSD Code 

It very simple and esay kindly go to your dial pad and just dial *789#. Next reply with 1. Within 2seconds you will get tge feed back that reads;
Dear subscriber, Thank you for checking your status. Your account information doesn't need to be updated at this time.
If it also needs to be updated you will aswell get the message from the feedback.

Re-registration of sim is not a new thing if you can recall years back this same thing happened, MTN had in the past instructed its subscribers to re-register their SIM cards.
Video guidelines 
So ,don't get it twisted, if you are yet to get the message from mtn you can still re-register your sim just incase.  
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8 Aug 2019

Redo MTN Sim Card Registration And Get Over N10,000 Free Airtime

MTN recently asked subscribers to re-register their SIM cards to avoid being blocked.
The registration is said to be an update but it requires subscribers to go through a fresh registration.

The subscribers are advised to re-register their SIM cards by August, 19, 2019 to avoid being blocked from the network.

According to a news report, an official of MTN claimed that the fresh registration is as a result of a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

MTN has been giving up to ₦10,000 worth of airtime to subscribers that complete the re-registration process.

Re-registration of sim is not a new thing if you can recall years back this same thing happened, MTN had in the past instructed its subscribers to re-register their SIM cards.

This was the message sent by MTN:
“Y’ello! Kindly visit any MTN store with a valid government approved ID. Your SIM details need to be updated before August 19th. Dial *123*7*1# for the nearest store.”
MTN, it appears the telecom company is making efforts to avoid a repetition of what happened in 2015.

MTN was hit with a fine of $5.3 billion by the NCC for failing to deactivate as many as 5 million unregistered SIM cards in 2015.

MTN eventually lost 4.3 million subscribers according to a report released in March 2016 by the telecommunication company.

If you are yet to get the message from mtn you can still re-register your sim just incase.  
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7 Aug 2019

Facebook Renames WhatsApp And Instagram - Check Out The New Names

Hello guys, Early this year, Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook said that he planned to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram messaging services by the end of this year or early 2020.
CEO. Zuckerberg said the integration would help break down communication barriers among users of Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Ever since the announcement, Facebook has been working on its planned cross platform chat.

Sometime in April, renowned app reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots that showed Facebook working on returning the Messenger feature back to the Facebook main app.

In another move, WhatsApp also has in beta ''Share to Facebook Story, a feature that allow WhatsApp users to share their Story to Facebook. Now, Facebook is set to rebrand WhatsApp and Instagram and add its name to both apps.

The social giant is rebranding WhatsApp to "WhatsApp from Facebook" and Instagram to "Instagram from Facebook."

Facebook has for years allowed both WhatsApp and Instagram to operate and be branded independently. People familiar with the matter says the move signals Facebook plans to control Instagram and WhatsApp by adding its name to both apps.

Facebook is also using a similar pattern to rebrand other apps including Workplace (an app that connects employees to one another via internal social network.

The whole rebranding process is said to be taking place gradually though the company has began to add its name to some screens on Instagram for iOS and Android.

A spokesperson for Facebook said the company "want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook."

The new appellation can be seen in the About section on application stores that WhatsApp and Instagram are properties of Facebook.
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Popular WhatsApp Mod GBWhatsApp ShutsDown 2019

Hello guys, Popular third-party WhatsApp client, GBWhatsApp has announced that the service has officially shut down.
GBWhatsApp rose to fame after the shutting down of WhatsApp+ a while back when WhatsApp was cracking down on the third-party clients over policy violations.

Recently, WhatsApp renewed the fight against these clients, targetting GBWhatsApp in specific but the developers had somehow managed to create variants that would evade the ban.

In a twist, GBWhatsApp through their official Telegram channel has announced that the service is shutting down with no further developments expected. As shocking as that may be to users of the app, it was kind of expected.

Furthermore, the developers have not given a reason for the decision making us speculate that possibly WhatsApp slapped them with a cease and desist order as they did with WhatsApp+ when it was thriving.

"We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp.

It was a great time with all you people. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Hence we have Closed all the Site, Social Accounts and Everything. There will be no further Development".

Consequently, due to the fact that the developers behind GBWhatsApp are still the same developers behind the newer versions of WhatsApp+ and GBWhatsApp3, the two clients are also expected to shutdown.

Despite issues around data security when using such apps, GBWhatsApp and other WhatsApp third-party clients have been popular with a growing population of the users due to the numerous features the apps pack, from privacy settings that allow users to mask their last seen date, hide their online status, hide their view status when watching WhatsApp status, to customization features that allow users to change the look of the messaging platform down to the fonts.

The last version of GBWhatsApp released was version 7.0 that was released on June 20 2019, as an anti-ban update. Current users of the service will continue using the app until around the end of August when the app is set to expire due to lack of updates.

Our advice is that if you are a user of GBWhatsApp, switch right away to the official WhatsApp app or wait until the expiration of this version but as has been tradition, it won’t be long before other developer forks up another WhatsApp client.
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Latest MTN Pulse Night Plan 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50

Hello guys, the MTN night plan is still working, this night plan is for those who love browsing the net at night, so if you are in that category then you should know about the mtn night plan.
So for Mtn Subscribers this time for you to rock the night with this MTN night plan.

Normally before now it was 500MB for 25Naira, but early this year it was reduced to 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50 and this change was applied starting from 16/08/2018 it was really not suitable for users we strongly believe that they loose alot of subscribers so they reconsider to make new changes.

With the night plan you can now chat, upload, download, stream and browse for as low as ₦25 for 250MB and ₦50 for 500mb at night. Starting from (12)am to (5)am.
  • MTN Pulse night plan now have new change applied. You can now get 250MB for N25 as well as 500MB for N50.
Although 9Mobile also has night and weekend plans that might interest you so if you're 9mobile user you can check out how to activate the new 9Mobile night and weekend plans from here, also Airtel Users can check out Airtel Night plan 500MB ₦25 and 1.5GB for ₦200, but in this post you will find a step by step guide on how to go about the MTN Night plan on any internet enabled device.

You should take note that the Mtn Pulse plan and the Mtn mPulse plan are two different plans so don't get it twisted you can know more about the mPulse plan Here.

So let's quickly check out how to get this done!

How To Activate MTN Night Plan 250MB For N25 And 500MB Just For N50

  1.  Ensure you are on Mtn pulse (you can migrate by dialing the USSD code *406*1# or by SMS/sending 406 to 131)
  2. Ensure you have ₦25 or ₦50 above then send/SMS "Night" to 131, or NT1 to 131 or NT2 to 131 you can use USSD code by dialing *406# then reply with 4.
You will see a confirmation message saying;
"Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 12am and 4am. N25 or N50 has been deducted. Fair usage policy apply. Enjoy!"
Then you can now start browsing and downloading as you like.

IMPORTANT: This Plan Costs ₦25 and ₦50, Has a Data Cap Of 250Mb and 500Mb and Only Works Between the hour of 12:00am-5:00am, and can only be activated multiple times. That's to say if your 250mb or 500mb is exhausted before 5:00am you can resubscribe.

Note: If you migrate out of MTN mPulse, you won't be able to migrate back to the tariff plan to enjoy the cheap data plans of 350mb for N50 and 1.2GB for N150, so we advise you to use a different sim.


Unfortunately, you can't check the data balance but MTN will send you a notification when your Data remains 99.9Mb.
Don't just read and go, kindly share this post to your friends and family by using any if the below share buttons, and don't forget to share your experience regarding this mtn night plan. 
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