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Do you want a site like Extreme Codez or any other similar website? Be it for eCommerce, Entertainment, Sports, News, Music, Videos, Apps & Games, Technology, Education, or whatever topic you want to post on. No problems! We can handle all type of site and create any of your choice for you.
Features Of Your Website


The first thing any visitor will take note on your site is the design, and if it is bad, that person might not return to your blog/site again. We assure you that your website will have a touch of perfection with a lovely design, mixed with soft colors, moderate logo and easy navigation, which will attract more visitors.

We personally customize the different templates we use for different people and their websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript - which took us time and money.
So, if you don't want to go through the stress, sleepless nights and headache of re-creating and customizing a default template, then let us handle it for you.
  1. Your website will have both Mobile and Desktop view; meaning that visitors using a mobile phone or laptop/PC will have no problem broemwsing your blog/site.
  2. There will be a home page with auto read more, post thumbnail and snippet features (for desktop view). Mobile view has only title to save data.
  3. The layout can easily be changed to either the left or right sidebars with post area in the center (for PC view)
  4. You can easily customize the important areas of your blog/site and edit the colors. 
  5. Visitor can move around your blog/site freely with easy navigation system and nexter posts navigation on Mobile & Pc view. 
SEO Responsive Template & Fast Loading
SEO means "search engine optimization". It allows your website to appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search results, thereby giving you organic traffic and more visitors. The template and design will also make your website load faster on all browsers (Opera mini, Chrome, Firefox, etc).
  • Page Loading Effect feature for Mobile and PC view without external JavaScript. (This makes it load 2x more faster)
  • Custom CSS functionality for mobile and PC responsive template
  • User friendly template, Optimized for strong SEO traffic, Loads faster both on Mobile and Pc. 

Ability To Make Money Online

You can turn your website into a money making machine using ads network, affiliate marketing, Adsense, banner placement, sponsored posts, ebook & product sales, referral, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • You can easily display ad banners, related posts with thumbnails etc on mobile view and pc view
  • You can display ads almost anywhere in the template; side bars for PC, above logo, below logo, inside posts, in the middle of posts, footer etc.
If you are ready to pay for my service, we'll create an amazing website with the above features (and even more) for you.
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